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Finally, the chase that we have all been waiting to die for!
Run all over the world with your favorite zombies chasing a hot chick!
Be the zombie that falls in love with our lovely news reporter.
From the #1 Hit Zombie flash game, Infectonator, here comes the side sequel of the game.
In this game, players will be able to control a horde of zombies going through all obstacles with utmost haste for the love of their (undead) life.
Key Features:
- Upgrade your zombie's speed, health, and many more!
- Unlock new zombies with their own unique powers!
- Collect mutation power ups and boosts and transform into powerful zombies!
- Collect coins just because you want to! and also to buy upgrades...
- Be surprised by the awesome pixel graphics that are served to you!
- Run all over the world and get that Hot Chick!
- Support iPhone 5 Screen Resolution
Grab your mobile device and start the zombie chase! AND INFECT THE WORLD!!!
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Infectonator: Hot Chase Review

Sep 17, 2013

Pop culture’s love affair with zombies would have you believe the creatures are slow, shambling, and stupid. For your own safety, don’t be fooled. George Romero’s zombies can really book it if they’ve got a victim in their sights, and the zombies populating Infectonator: Hot Chase are likewise fleet of foot.

Infectonator: Hot Chase combines zombies with the endless running genre, both of which have been done to death in online and gaming culture. You’d think that combining the two would result in an indigestible game, but surprisingly, Infectonator: Hot Chase is fun, fast, and full of good humor. Or maybe it’s not surprising, given the game is put together by Toge, the same team behind the highly addictive Infectonator zombie simulation games.

Infectonator: Hot Chase is a bit more straightforward than its predecessors, however. You play as a zombie that rudely interrupts a newscast (which is just a list of random facts, as per Infectonator tradition), tears through the studio, and bursts out onto the street. From there, you run and infect as many people as possible.

If you’re familiar with the Infectonator games, then you already know its fast-moving zombies tend to burn out quickly. In the same vein, you’re equipped with a Stamina bar in Infectonator: Hot Chase. Your stamina gradually depletes as you run, gradually slowing you down. When it hits zero, you come to a complete stop and the run is over.

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Infectonator: Hot Chase Walkthrough

Sep 16, 2013

Infectonator: Hot Chase is an endless running game created by Armor Games Inc. You play as a zombie aiming to infect as many people as possible. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to stuff your face with brains.

Infectonator: Hot Chase

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