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User review by starrenz


This game had potential but it was just too badly done for words. Let me count the ways:

1) A line of text in the diary is cut off halfway.
2) After you put 1 eye in a statue, it shows as 2 eyes.
3) Random clicking on a puzzle near the end of the game caused a bug to appear, that later disappeared when I exited the scene and re-entered it.
4) Characters' speech doesn't match the subtitles given.
5) A sieve is shown on an interactive area, but upon zooming in, it is not there.
6) Some interactive areas become inactive after all actions there are performed, while others don't.
7) HOS - Many items failed to be "found" even after clicking on them multiple times, on different areas. Turns out that you have to click on a certain, tiny, specific area of it in order for it to register.
8) HOS - Some unrecognisable items.
9) Adventure component is ludicrous: E.g. You have an axe, saw, and pen knife, but MUST find a KNIFE in particular to cut certain objects. Many more similar examples. Total lack of logic in some cases.
10) On one of the puzzles, your character comments on the painting shown, but the puzzle pieces are scrambled, so how could he have seen what the painting depicted? Later on, he says "the pieces have become scrambled", when fact is they were scrambled from the very start.
11) On one of the puzzles, you must place "pins" to form digits. The pins can only be placed when they're the "right side up". But there is no way you can tell what the "right side up" is, because right/wrong side up look exactly the same. There is also a misleading pin already placed on the board that's there for absolutely no reason.
12) In some scenes, the game tries to depict movement. E.g. A crow exits a scene. This is shown as the bird being "cut and pasted" onto a different location on the scene. Think of holding a piece of cardboard and moving it from left to right. Ugh.

I was glad when this game ended. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

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User review by legal_alien


For my taste, this is the best game in the series: they definitely paid more attention to adventure part (it is mostly an adventure, rather than a HO like the first part) and visuals.

Though it is the same-themed story (Well, what would you expect?), it is well developed and got me hooked despite of some inconsistencies. The developer did not create a movie (like in many of the current releases), but their passion was instead directed to creating a better gameplay which I appreciate. Money cannot buy passion :)

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User review by Grimlaura


This is the 3rd installment of the series and for me it was a bit disappointing. The story goes as you're called by an old friend on yet another place haunted by demons, an archaeology site, were his son disappeared (was taken by the demon).
The story has good premises but its not so well done.
The game goes in 3 difficulty modes casual, expert and professional (no hint, no skip, no highlight of active zones).
The interface offers a scroll (journal), inventory and hint. You'll get a map only on short time going through the wood. So tho' there is some backtracking there's no helpful map.
Another problem is that are too many HOS list based interactive that repeats. And in some of them the graphics are not always very good. But generally the objects can be found with no problem.
Tho' some of the tasks are imaginative other are rather not quite logical. There isn't a smooth flowing of the action tasks and some locations are opened without a clear goal from the beginning. There is no logic of why should I go back to have a HOS in some locations.
The puzzles are generally well drawn with a range from easy to fairly challenging.
The graphics have ups and downs, some parts are well drawn and interesting some looks like just drawn to fill the spaces. Overall there are going well with the story but not impressive. The sounds are going better with a spooky alert music and victorious sounds of finding the objects.
For this price the game is reasonable good but overall the story and built seem a bit of let down compared with the previous games in the series. I liked Exorcist 2 more. A 3.5 rating but not good enough, for my expectations, to round to 4.

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