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User review by roseisa


This is one fun match 3 game, play timed or relaxed, even the relaxed mode has a trophy for completing a number of the puzzles under a particular time.

The graphics are clear, earning trophies is a bit of a challenge - but after you complete the main game, you can continue to play and play and play - reminds me of Heroes of Kalevala.

And playing this game is addictive and I mean addictive, once you start, time flies because the strategy just grabs you while you play.

The reason I'm giving the game 4 stars is due to the building the airport was suppose to give you a trophy - never earned it, don't know why, may have to start over again to try to figure out, but that is something I will have to decide.

Otherwise, a great M3 game worth purchasing.

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User review by Grimlaura


I haven't played a stand alone M3 for long and this one was a good choice I took based on the previous review that said is like Cradle of Rome. It is a actually I like it more.
Not giving 5 stars tho for a very simple reason. The game has a good story with an excellent designed animation of the buildings but no people. I would liked to see some little characters going all over around the wonderful structures doing something like the ones from Cradle of Rome or 7 Wonders series.
Otherwise a very inspired original animated part of management. Mechanics are simple M3 with the classic chained, frozen and so, locks, and items to be brought down. A large array of power-ups some that are on board like line / column and cross destroyers and some outside the board that has to be charged and will upgrade in time like shuffle, clone, lightning and so.
There are also events taking place like a whale that eats all your fish, pirates that attacks your airport, an elephant that tries to ruin your mine but that are played exactly like the usual levels.
Also part of the animation are cargo-boats, or mine-carts that has to be filled with items.
Buildings are built from resources and many of them are dependent on others so there is a certain order but still you can choose on what to do up to one point .
The things I liked the most along with the great design is that it meant to bring fun so there not very tricky boards. All the items can be swapped, the board opens as soon as you match next to locks, and you can match while the items are still cascading.
Add to this really inspired graphics with a refreshing going through (can be played timed or relaxed), and gives you a very good M3 game.
And of course there a bunch of achievements to get if you like this things. :)

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User review by Lyndy20


Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire is a fun, colourful Match 3/building game, reminiscent of the Cradle series (Cradle of Rome, Cradle of Egypt, etc). There is an untimed mode and a timed mode which is challenging.

Play M3 levels to gather resources for building the Empire. Fans of M3 will be familiar with the challenges - tiles, ice blocks and chains to break, items to drop to the bottom of the screen. Some of these items consist of cargo vehicles which animate across the bottom of the screen and require additional resources to fill them up. There are special events - pirates, dragons attacking the city, but battling them is played like the main game. There are plenty of bonus items to use. Some appear on the board and others generate by filling up an energy meter.

Buildings give resources and bonuses and can be upgraded. Sometimes it is necessary to upgrade a building before a new building can be built. At first, you are limited with what you can build but eventually there are a few choices and it is up to you what you want to build first.

There are achievements to play for, from bronze through to gold.

All in all, A highly entertaining game.

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