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Knowing your Hospital Town Statistics

Running your own hospital in Hospital Town isn’t merely treating patients and earning coins until you get to the next level. It’s about getting the right equipment, earning more experience as a doctor and treating complexed illnesses, keeping patients and visitors comfortable and expanding your hospital.

This is where the Hospital Overview screen comes in handy. Below is an explanation of each statistic and how it can help you throughout the game.

Hospital Town


Like any hospital in the real world, you need to keep your patients happy. Buying happy items will increase your happiness level. These are decorative items like chairs, flower pots and lamps. Gifts for patients are happy items too. Each item has its corresponding happiness point. Each boost rewards you an extra experience point per patient.

Example: Sniffles earn 6XP but with 107 HP points, it now earns 7XP per patient.


Purchasing equipment under each specialty will give you extra coins per patient. It shows how many points you need to move on to the next level. In the screenshot, It shows 40 points which in this case, 2 GP desks (20 GP points each) were purchased. This rewards you 2 extra coins for each patient being treated for a GP illness.


Sniffles earn 14 coins per patient. Since 40 points have been gained, this now earns 16 coins.

The key is to buy more equipment per specialty to get to the next boost for more coins.


Performing treatments several times get you closer to being an expert in it. As you master more treatments under each specialty, you earn more coins and XP. As an example shown below, by mastering the bronze level of Sniffles, you now earn an extra coin and 1 experience point.

Original reward for Sniffles: 14 coins and 6XP

Bronze Mastery reward for Sniffles: 15 coins and 7XP

Hospital Town

Bed & Vending Limit

This is dependent on the size of your hospital. The screenshot shows that you can place a maximum of 36 beds and 15 vending machines on a 9x6 hospital size. You want more? You have to expand your hospital to the next available size, which is dependent on your level or if you opt to purchase it with hospital bucks.


There are a total of 15 trophies that you can get within the game. Each has 3 levels - bronze, silver and gold. If you want some challenge then visit the trophy page and earn gold!

Hospital Valuation

As you expand, add more items, gain more expertise, keep patients happy and earn money, your hospital’s value increases. It doesn’t mean much except it gives you a sense of what your hospital is worth based on how much you’ve spent on items in the hospital and potentially what you can earn currently.

The rest is just to show you how many patients you’ve treated and how much you’ve earned thus far.


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