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Lights, camera, action! Make it big as a movie mogul and lead your very own Entertainment Empire. Watch the skies light up with your name as you build your media paradise by creating movie studios for horror, drama, comedy and more. You run the show in Hollywood City, where fame and fortune await!

Hollywood City Walkthrough

Nov 22, 2010

Hollywood City is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate. Manage your own city full of fame and glamour by building movie and writer’s studios, movie theaters, and landmarks. Produce your own commercials, movies and TV shows for maximum profitability. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Hollywood City by referring to this quick start guide.

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FameTown Review

Nov 21, 2010

A few well-meaning souls might try to tell you otherwise, but fame largely comes down to who you know. Consider the case of Fametown, a new social game backed by the likes of former Disney CEO Michael Eisner and Napster founder Shaun Fanning. These two names alone have secured the game's recognition in venues as diverse as Vanity Fair and Teen Magazine—publications that would have ignored similar and possibly better games—and we have little doubt that this publicity will prove a boon in the game’s first few months. But does it live up to the hype? Well, yes and no.

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Hollywood City Review

Nov 5, 2010

Do you like Digital Chocolate's Millionaire City? Chances are you do, if you've played it. It's Digital Chocolate's most popular game on Facebook, serving about 12 million monthly users and 2.6 million daily users.

Why bring this up in a review of Hollywood City? Well, as it happens, Hollywood City and Millionaire City are basically the same game.

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Digital Chocolate launches Vegas City and gambles on tycoon games

Nov 2, 2010

Digital Chocolate, just a day after releasing Hollywood City that lets you be a Hollywood movie magnate, has today announced the launch of Vegas City.

Vegas City lets you. . . you guessed it, be a social Vegas casino magnate.

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Digital Chocolate goes Hollywood and launches Hollywood City on Facebook

Nov 1, 2010

Digital Chocolate moments ago launched a brand new game on Facebook, Hollywood City. Hollywood City is a tycoon and strategy game where you can manage your own virtual entertainment empire. Players can “greenlight” their own film productions, make TV commercials, and TV videos, as well as produce films for different genres, such as horror, drama, and comedy.

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