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You were the Queen's most trusted handmaiden. Yet all it took was a whisper for you to be falsely accused of stealing Her Majesty's Royal brooch and sentenced to death in the tower of London. You will be doomed to wander within the walls of 'The Bloody Tower' for eternity. Unless you can find help...

Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets Review

Apr 3, 2012

In this newest installment in the lengthy Hidden Mysteries franchise, you’ll find yourself transported back to 1600’s London as a handmaiden to Queen Elizabeth. Your honor is questioned when the queen’s magical broach is stolen by another jealous servant and you’re sentenced to death within the Tower of London. Things go from bad to worse as the broach is used in a dark rite, unleashing the souls of past rulers and criminals alike. You’ll need to escape your dire fate and restore the broach to put these souls back to rest before it’s too late.

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