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By Art Green | Dec 31, 2012 |

Game Introduction - Haypi Monster

Haypi Monster is an online social game where you can collect, evolve, and battle various monsters against AI and human opponents. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To download the game, click the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Once downloaded, click the “play” button
  • That’s it! You’re ready to start the game!

How to Play:

Haypi Monster

  • Overworld: Haypi Monster is all about collecting various monsters and then using those monsters to find even more.  The screenshot above shows you where you will find all 100+ monsters the game has to offer. In these various worlds, you be thrown into stages where you will have to use your monsters to fight others, and when you fight a monster you haven’t come across before, you have the option to collect them by “sealing” them. Within the overworld, you have clear a set amount of stages before new ones open up, so in this regard, the game will railroad you forward.

Haypi Monster

  • Fighting Stages: Within the fighting stage, you are in a world with a number of tiles.  You roll the dice with “GO” written on it, and it goes from 1-6. Whatever you roll is how much you go forward. As you can see in the above screenshot, each tile has something on it.  Most tiles have what you can see in the screenshot (little statues with swords), and that means a battle.  You can also land on chests that will give you items or coins, teleporters to different parts of the stage, or fountains that heal your monsters.
  • Bag: In addition to movement in this part of the game, there is some monster maintenance that you can do--primarily, healing.  If you click the bag, you will have access to your healing potions, or you can spend gold coins (which is the game’s premium currency) to heal yourself without the need of potions.  Most potions, at least early on, will do the trick of at least getting you through the next battle.
  • Messaging: You can message people in the game to the left of the bag.  You can ask for help, or just to have someone to talk to while you’re exploring the stage.
  • Loaded Dice: Occasionally you will earn a “loaded dice”. As you can see in the screenshot, I did not have one.  However, these dice allow you to roll a specific number.  So, if you own one and want to skip out on a battle or you want to reach a fountain and heal, you can choose to use your loaded dice and get there without leaving it to chance.

Haypi Monster

  • Combat: For the most part, Haypi Monster’s combat is fairly straightforward.  The main thing to look for is the different elemental orientation of your combatants.  Fire is strong against the green “plant” creatures, plant creatures are strong against water, and water is good against fire.  Especially early on, this is really the only thing you need to be concerned with.  Your fighters will only have a couple of spells to cast, and their differences (an attack vs a stun) doesn’t really have much of an impact in 1 to 1 combat.  Because of this, I would suggest taking advantage of the game’s “auto” fight feature, which will essentially just have your monster attack over and over again until the enemy monster has died.  Saves some time and gets you through the stages quicker.
  • Sealing: When you come across enemies in combat that you haven’t seen before, the game will give you an option in the bottom right hand of the screen to “seal” them.  This means that you will then own that creature and can use them in combat, level them up, or use them in synthesis to creature even more powerful monsters.

Haypi Monster

  • Synthesis: Synthesis is a means to creature new and more powerful creatures. As you progress you will get “synthesis scrolls” for defeating monsters.  With the scrolls and two other monsters of similar elemental type, you can create the synthesized monster and have them fight for you.

Haypi Monster

  • Training: Training is an extremely fast way to get new monsters up to speed with the monsters you have been using in the early stages of the game.  As you can seen in the above screenshot, there are four “training nests” for you to choose from.  When you first start out in the game, you will only have one nest to use.  However, you can purchase one additional nest by using the “silver coins” that you earn by fighting monsters, leveling up and so on. The other two nests you will have to unlock by purchasing items in the game with real-life cash. Training costs players silver coins, for the most part, but you can also use the premium gold coins to train your monsters very quickly for a boatload of experience.
  • VIP Level: In order to push you towards buying items in the game, they have created what’s called the “VIP Level”.  All this means is that for every purchase that you make in the store (and dollars spent) you gain VIP Levels.  VIPs have special access to items in the shop, as well additional training slots for their monsters.

Haypi Monster

  • Monsters and Battle Order: As the above screenshot shows, you can have your monster equip one item, which will give a certain defined benefit.  More importantly, you can determine your battle order from here.  This is important when you reach the water stage from the jungle stage, for example.  Your first monster will be a fire elemental.  However, when you go in the water stage, the fire elemental will be weak and you will need to use your jungle monster to clear out the water baddies. As you can see, you can add additional combat slots after milestones in the game, but also when you spend some real cash in the game’s store.

Haypi Monster

  • Tasks:  Tasks are mini-quests that the game gives you that will reward you with coins, experience and other items.  Most of the “major tasks” are just clearing the next stage ahead of you, while the other tasks are for more minor things--checking out a new part of the game (synthesis, training, etc.) or inviting other players to download and join the game world.

Haypi Monster

  • Ladder Tournament: This is one of the main player-vs-player components of the game.  This is a persistent fight between other players with your acquired and trained monsters.  As you fight other players your ranking increases and you continue to climb until you are defeated by other players.  You can both challenge and be challenged, so you might not play for a day but still be fought by other players.  This does not affect your ability to fight in the game’s stages (health points are separated).

Haypi Monster

  • Rewards: There are multiple ways to earn rewards in the game for continued play.  The first is the daily rewards that you see in most freemium games.  Haypi Monster also throws in a “online” reward--meaning, how long you are in the game.  The longer you play, the better the rewards.


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