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In Happy Hospital, cure cute pets and build your own hospital.

Happy Hospital Walkthrough

Nov 29, 2010

Happy Hospital is a Facebook game developed by Wooga. Cure different types of animals and pets in your hospital by building rooms to help relieve them of their illness. Restore elders’ youth, keep doctors awake to help patients and ensure medical equipment are charged to keep your hospital buzzing and patients happy. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Happy Hospital by referring to this quick start guide.

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Happy Hospital Preview

Nov 15, 2010

Happy Hospital is one of the genre mash-up games that fascinate a lot of Facebook developers (and gamers) at the moment. Happy Hospital combines the durable virtual pets genre with the less successful (but promising) hospital management sub-genre. The result is a game where you play veterinarian to an assortment of cuddly, colorful animal friends who suffer from purely humorous disorders. Happy Hospital plays like a classic casual game, striving to relax rather than excite its players.

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