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Take your fleet of customized “AC-HMV” armored assault trucks into a city overrun by an undead army! However, the enemies aren't merely mindless zombies; a powerful enemy military is using the engineered threat as a tool. Run by General Thacter, this twisted army utilizes undead soldiers and huge biological beasts as weapons alongside remotely operated mechanized units such as aerial drones, tracked RPG turrets, APCs, tanks, and more. The only force capable of stopping the undead army is YOU!



“Gunner Z for the iOS looks pretty damn amazing”

“Our 36 most anticipated iOS games for the rest of 2013”
-Pocket Gamer UK

“Ten times scarier than most zombies you’ve probably seen”

“Meh. could b better”
-Some comment on YouTube


Install and customize machine guns, rockets, grenades, guided missiles, giant miniguns, and future weapons like railguns and aim-assisted smartgun systems. Install powerful camera and turret sensors including recoil stabilizers, explosive and threat detectors, jammers, proximity detectors, zoom lenses, and more!

Search for valuable “VIP” enemies and earn cash, health, level XP, and ammo as you clear out hostile intersections and wipe out ambushes. DESTROY ALL ZOMBIES!!


• Jaw dropping NightVision imagery
• Dynamic levels
• Both military units and undead zombie hordes
• Vehicle and armor customization
• Huge array of weapon and sensor upgrades
• Perks for player and vehicles alike

• Airplay support for AppleTV
• Character levels
• Dynamic Weather FX
• 30+ Missions
• Friend Challenges
• Game Center leaderboards
• iCloud support
• Share replays with Everyplay

Gunner Z Review

Oct 8, 2013

A far cry from their previous outing in the wonderfully bright and sunny adventure world of Lili, BitMonster Games has returned with a horrific zombie shooter called Gunner Z, whose blend of fast-paced gunplay and night vision imagery work wonders towards making you pray that such a world never comes into existence for everyone reading this article one day. But despite its unique and engrossing atmosphere, not to mention its exhilarating and pitch-perfect gameplay, there are too many other aspects of the game (particularly the shameless microtransactions) that will leave players feeling a bit too lifeless themselves afterwards.

Now let’s talk first about the good in Gunner Z: the graphics and the gameplay. The actual action in the game plays out predominately in a zombie-overrun city through a night vision lens. Everything in the world is embodied through black and gray hues, with your enemies lighting up in a glowing and ghastly white light. It’s a wonderful idea, and polished to perfect in its actual execution: the dark atmosphere is both frightening and frantic, and it makes you feel claustrophobic in the best possible way.

Gunner Z

The touchscreen controls are an absolute breeze to pick up and get used to, with your right thumb panning the screen to reposition your crosshairs, and your left thumb tapping on the fire button in the opposite corner. You can simply hold down the fire button to spray a wide range of bullets at a clustered pack of zombies, although it’s recommended to lift your thumb up and switch to singular tapping for more one-on-one encounters. You’ll also have two different weapons to choose from with the simple tap of a button, which lets you mix things up with alternating machinegun and rocket artillery fire; this especially comes in handy once the game starts introducing bonus red enemy types and environmental hazards like roadblocks and landmines.

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BitMonster announces new game: Gunner Z

Jul 16, 2013

Forget everything you thought you once knew about BitMonster, because things just got real: and I’m talking apocalyptically real. The developer has announced their next game today, a fast-paced zombie-themed shooting title called Gunner Z, and while the project is the complete polar opposite of the studio’s fun-loving Lili, sometimes change can be an incredibly awesome thing to behold.

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