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Greenlight Spotlight: Flightless

Oct 17, 2012

Nitrome seems to have a penchant for alternate identities. The first game that put them on my radar was Gunbrick, a puzzling shooter about a gun...that was also a brick! Now, they've mounted a Steam Greenlight effort to approve Flightless, a puzzle platformer centered around ducks...who moonlight as thieves! To be quite honest, I'm beginning to wonder if this developer even lives in a Nitro Dome!

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Gunbrick Review

May 13, 2012

If you want to be a retro looking game and play in a 50 pixel by 50 pixel space, then really you need to be pretty simple. There’s only so much that can go on in such a tiny spot. In Gunbrick, you play as a tiny square who can rotate left and right with the keyboard and fire a gun that sticks out of one of your four sides. You can’t move the gun, you can only change which direction it’s pointed by rolling around. It’s a unique mechanic and it’s put to excellent use over the course of the game.

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