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By Talor Berthelson | Feb 25, 2011 |

Gun Bros - Game Introduction

Gun Bros is the latest action-shooter game from Glu Games for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Facebook. You play as one of two gun brothers set out on ultimate destruction against the opposing forces. With the help of your brother, you’ll need to gun down as many of the enemies as possible. Using Gamezebo’s quick start guide, you’ll learn all of the tips, tricks, hints and cheats necessary to survive.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Gun Bros

  • To Play Gun Bros, you will need to download it for free from the App Store by clicking the “Get It Now!” link at the top of this page.
  • Once you have finished installation of the game, you can tap it on your device’s home screen to start it.
  • Once you’ve started the game, you will be given the choice between the two brothers. Outside of appearance there isn’t much difference between the two, so choose whichever you’d like to play the most.

Gun Bros

  • After the initial tutorial pop-ups, you will be taken directly into gameplay to begin fighting immediately.

Basic Gameplay

  • Your basic gameplay actions will require you to be quick on your feet and there is little time for you to become accustomed, so you may want to learn the controls before jumping in.
  • The big blue circle on the left side of the screen controls the movement of your bro, dictating where you’d like him to be at any given time. You’ll need to slide your finger around this circle to move your character.

Gun Bros

  • The blue circle on the right side of the screen is your firing indicator, as it will fire wherever you slide your finger within it. You’ll need to hold it in for rapid fire.
  • By now, you’ve likely seen a few enemies come down the screen to attack you. Slide your finger on the right circle in the direction they are coming from to attack them. After each enemy is killed, you will acquire a few experience points. (We will discuss these points a bit later)

Gun Bros

  • A good strategy to stay alive during the game is to always stick by your bro and watch his back, because he will likely watch yours in return. Just like the old saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Same goes for you in Gun Bros.


Gun Bros

  • As you kill certain enemies, you will earn Xplodium. Xplodium are purple gems that will earn you coins you can buy things in the store. You can also find them scattered around areas of the game.
  • After you have finished a round in the game, you will be taken to the Refinery screen where you can turn your Xplodium into coins. If you decide to transform your Xplodium instantly, you will receive 100% of the coins possible for the amount of Xplodium you have.
  • If you decide to wait a few minutes for the game to process your Xplodium however, you can receive additional coins on top. The additional slots next to the instant slot allow you to earn 120% or 150% for waiting 5 minutes or 30 minutes respectively. Patience appears to go a long way in Gun Bros.
  • Additionally, you can purchase even more slots for cash that can increase your coin conversion rate by up to 300%.
  • Once you have finished converting your Xplodium into usable coins, you can begin purchasing bigger, better items for use while playing in the store.

Buying Weapons, Items and More

Gun Bros

  • In Gun Bros, constantly upgrading and purchasing new hardware is necessary to harness the advantage over your opponents.
  • Under the store option in the game’s main menu, you can purchase armor, weapons, and power-ups.
  • At the beginning, you will only have a few weapons to choose from in the store, but any upgrades help and you should purchase whichever weapons you can afford.
  • Once you’ve purchased an additional weapon, you can use it by tapping the blue button at the bottom of the gameplay screen.

Gun Bros

  • Armor is less important than weapons, but should be looked at if you have some extra coins to throw around. Each specific piece of armor has different traits than others so observe carefully before purchasing.
  • Power Ups can give you that extra little edge when you need it most. The Green Shield for instance, can make you nearly invincible for 10 seconds at a time, Shock and Awesome gives you insane attack power and a Temper Tantrum is a combination of both.
  • To access power-ups, tap the red ‘!’ button on the bottom of the gameplay screen, then tap the appropriate icon to use it.

The World Map and Level Progression

Gun Bros

Gun Bros

  • After completing a round in Gun Bros, you will be taken to the World Map menu, which allows you to select your next world, revolution and wave.
  • Simply tap on a planet to select it. From here, you can choose which Revolution to take on. If you are in the middle of a Revolution, you can select it, then choose the wave you last left on.
  • The Briefing and Requirements for the Revolution are also available for viewing if you need a second look at them.
  • Completing Revolutions will eat at the opposing force until you’ve completely claimed the entire planet. Of course, each progressive Revolution is harder than the last, so be sure to upgrade your arsenal along the way.

Playing With Real Bros

Gun Bros

  • From the Bros tab in the main menu, you can select another “Bro” from your Game Center or Facebook friends list to play with if you wish.
  • To play with them, simply tap them and then tap the “Make Active” button at the bottom of the screen. You can only have one other active bro at one time.
  • This feature does not actually allow you to play with another person in real-time, but it does earn you both some additional points.


Gun Bros

  • You have completed the quick start guide for Gun Bros for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now that you know the ropes, you should be out conquering some planets in no time. Be sure to keep checking back with Gamezebo for more reviews, previews, guides and more!

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