Guardians of Magic: Amanda´s Awakening

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the picture of the fairy is in the hall in grandpa's house. You get it when you find the fairy in the picture of the forest (Ritual Hall) after giving her the 3 objects she asks for. 

Thanks so much for your help.Smile

Where are the hedge clippers to cut the hedges to get that puzzzlebox?

The hedge clippers are inside the tower on the castle parapet. You need to activate the gate mechanism in the courtyard to get to the parapet.

I found the torn picture of the fairy in the hallway of the house, but don't know wheree to go to find the rest of the picture. Also how do you open the gates around the constellation areas? I've found several of the constellations on the telescope but don't know what ot do from there, I would appreciate anyones help for these problems. 

You won't be able to find the rest of the fairy picture until you've been inside the paintings. To access the paintings you need to find the coordinates of the constellations. The coordinates are mentioned on the constellation notes you've found. Use the left and right arrows on the telescope to change the first number (X) and the up and down arrows to change the second number (Y). When you've found a constellation, a green crosshairs appears next to the coordinates. Then you need to draw the constellation on the screen by clicking on the stars to draw lines between them. You can refer to the constellation in your spell book if you get stuck.

I've gotten all of the gates open now and have freed Mira but now I need to know what else to do, it seems like I'm mising one piece for the power draining machine, it looks like it's the piece that fits on the front of it.   What do I do wth the shovel, or is it used later on in the game, that's the only thing I have left in my inventory?

You use the shovel on the beach by the castle. The last piece of the power drain device is there.

I really can't find the last constellation page, the one that opens the gate for the fairground type painting. I'm totally stuck! Also can't figure out how to get onto the 4th floor in the Magus Industies building but that's probably for later on in the game. Can anyone help?

Well I finally got the game working correctly and was able to make it all the way to Magnus Industries.  Found Mera the first time, had to look for something to pick the lock with (wire?) and now I can't find the way back to her.  Any chance someone has this mapped out or know the turns to get to her?  I keep wishing I could put down bread crumbs to figure out where I've been.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much.