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By Talor Berthelson | Sep 19, 2012 |

Game Introduction - Guardian Cross

Guardian Cross is a card-based battle RPG from Square Enix, wherein you can capture guardians and make them fight for you in an online arena style. Creating the ultimate battle team takes patience and knowledge, and we’re here to help with Gamezebo’s quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Guardian Cross

  • To get started and playing Guardian Cross, go ahead and click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen.
  • Guardian Cross is a game that is free to play, meaning there’s no risk in giving it a shot. However, there are optional purchases that can be made if you choose to do so.
  • At the main title screen of the game, all you need to do is tap on “Start Game” to begin playing.

Guardian Cross

  • At this point, the game will begin to download any updates that are available to download. This shouldn’t take very long. If you experience issues with this or starting the game, make sure you are connected to the Internet before starting.

Guardian Cross

  • On the next screen, you will be given the opportunity to choose a character name for yourself, along with the ability to enter an invite code from a friend if you have one.
  • When you’ve entered in your character name and optional invite code, go ahead and tap on “Start Game” to begin setting up your deck.
  • You will also be shown a quick cutscene before beginning to play, which introduces the story and characters.

How to Hunt and Capture Guardians

  • Let’s go over how to perform the various tasks involved in making sure that you are the penultimate card battler before you head out into the arena.

Guardian Cross

  • On the main world map screen, you have several options to choose from and we’ll go over which ones you need to be concerned with.

Guardian Cross

  • First, let’s tap on Hunt which takes you to a smaller map of the “Berneside Plains” which is an ideal spot to hunt for new Guardians.

Guardian Cross

  • Once you tap on the location to hunt, you will then need to choose which type of hunt you want to perform.
  • The Normal Course only costs 1 Hunting Ticket and has a normal chance of finding regular Guardians and a slim chance at rare Guardians.
  • Special Course has you spending 100 coins (for the first time at it) but in return you will have a much greater chance at finding rare Guardians.
  • Now you will be taken to the hunting ground where you can find Guardians. Let’s go over how the actions you need to perform to find Guardians.

Guardian Cross

  • What you will need to do is move the scope area on the screen with one finger, and then tap the “Shoot” button in the bottom right corner with another.
  • You will need to keep shooting at the Guardian until you trap it, and it could take many shots before it is captured.
  • A handy tip is the blinking red arrow that shows on the scope reticle. If you move the scope in the direction of the arrow, you will find a Guardian.

Guardian Cross

  • When you use too much ammo, the game will force you to reload. Make sure to time your shots as perfect as you can so you don’t waste shots and potentially lose a shot at a Guardian.
  • If you manage to aim in a certain spot on a Guardian, it will turn red which allows you to quickly shoot and capture them with only one shot. Try to do this as much as possible so you don’t waste ammunition.

Guardian Cross

  • When the time is up, you will be forced to leave the hunting area with the Guardians you were able to capture.

Managing your Guardians

  • Now would be a good time to have a look at the Guardians we were able to capture. On the World Map menu, tap on Guardians to have a look at them.
  • In the Guardians menu, you can Enhance them, Reorganize your battle party and sell any unneeded Guardians.
  • To Enhance a Guardian, all you have to do is head into the appropriate menu and then select the card you wish to enhance by swiping across your deck until the one you want to enhance is shown. Tap on Combine to select the cards you wish to use and discard to enhance the Guardian.

Guardian Cross

  • A common card used for enhancing is the Slime card, which is fairly weak on its own but can make a good card even more powerful.

Guardian Cross

  • Combining cards does cost a few Guardian Points, but is well worth it to have a more powerful card.

Guardian Cross

  • You will now see an animation showing you the combining process and then the new stats of the Guardian you just enhanced.
  • In the “Reorganize Party” option, we can choose to see what the game recommends as a party. Once a recommended party is put into place, you can switch out members at any time.
  • Selling Guardians is as easy as tapping on the Guardian you wish to sell, then on the OK button to confirm.

Completing Missions

  • On the World Map, you will occasionally be given new missions to complete. Completing these missions is a lot like hunting, so it shouldn’t be too hard to learn coming from that.

Guardian Cross

  • You can access the mission area from the main World Map. You’ll see a cave or other structure with the words “NEXT” above it. Tapping on this will take you to the dungeon where you can fight stray Guardians to complete the mission. These Guardians cannot be captured, so do not worry if you don’t gain any completing these missions.

Guardian Cross

  • This will likely be the first time you encounter a battle in the game. In a battle, you will play a passive role where you can’t actually manipulate the outcome of the battle actively.
  • If you decide you’d rather not watch the action as it happens, you can go ahead and hold on the skip button in the lower right corner of the screen.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Guardian Cross. Now that you have the knowledge about building the ultimate Guardian crew, you’ll be taking over the world in no time. Keep checking back with Gamezebo for more guides, plus news, reviews,  previews and more!


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