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A Guardian Defense game unlike any other, new from KingsIsle Entertainment!
Defend the grub against swarms of different enemies while you train your Wizard101 pet or play to receive free Wizard101 game codes.
✔ 28 Maps ranging in difficulty from Easy to Wondra
✔ Each pet has different strengths & abilities
✔ New maps unlock as you progress
✔ Different strategy needed for new enemies
✔ Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for high scores
✔ Ability to purchase premium in-game items to help defeat more difficult maps
Grub Guardian is the first mini game that ties directly to your live Wizard101 account! Logging into Grub Guardian allows you to unlock new maps as well as train your pets for experience points. Please be aware - you will not be able to log into Grub Guardian and Wizard101 at the same time. If you do not have a Wizard101 account, you can create one, but non-logged in players can still play a limited number of Grub Guardian maps for Wizard101 game codes.

Grub Guardian Review

Nov 12, 2012

Sure, Wizard101 is fun, and the pets your wizard collects can be helpful. But sometimes, you just want those little guys to stop following you around and do something even more useful – like guard dinner. Sounds strange, but it’s more or less the gist of Grub Guardian, a tower defense game that can be played in web browsers and iOS devices as a standalone game or a supplement to KingsIsle’s popular all ages MMORPG.

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