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The family saga continues when your nephew Brandon encounters the mysterious Stone Queen in a lonely mountain town. She used to protect the miners here, but now she’s out for revenge! You must discover the truth behind the queen's anger and save both worlds before a greedy heart brings about their destruction. You'll meet new friends, but you'll also face new foes in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen, an intriguing Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Walkthrough

Jan 15, 2013

Grim Tales: The Stone Queen is an interactive hidden object puzzle game developed by Elephant Games.  You will become submersed in a suspenseful storyline with beautiful graphics as you travel to various locations examining clues, picking up items, and using them to help you progress in the game and become the hero. You will also solve challenging mini-game puzzles and can play the game in a casual, advanced, or hardcore mode. Gamezebo’s strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, hints, and information to help you play your best game.

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Grim Tales: The Stone Queen Review

Jan 7, 2013

Wouldn't you know it, out of gas. As your car putters to a halt you arrive at the seemingly abandoned gates of Stoneville. Historically known for its active mining operations, the valuable gems unearthed here are collected by the Lady of the Mountain. But now this "Stone Queen" is on a vengeful streak, turning residents into stone left and right. Guess you'll have to put a stop to that!

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