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How far would you go to save your best friend?

For Gomo, the answer to this question is clear: To the end of the world and further, if necessary.

Join him on his journey through the bizarre 2D landscapes of this dreamlike Point & click Adventure!

Far away, in a hidden valley Gomo and his dog Dingo live in undisturbed peace; but serenity in this fairy tale vale soon comes to a violent end: an unknown alien force abducts Gomo's companion. In exchange for his beloved pet, Gomo is supposed to obtain a rare crystal for the alien. This crystal lies well protected in a subterranean mine - getting your hands on this one won't be easy! However, there is no choice, but doing as the alien asks...

You want to help Gomo? Then be prepared for a surreal journey packed with challenging puzzles.

Help Gomo save his dog Dingo in a new point-and-click adventure

Dec 8, 2013

Fishcow Studio is an independent development team based out of Slovakia, who is proud to have recently launched their first major title, Gomo.

In Gomo, players partake in the search for Gomo's best friend, his dog Dingo, who has been abducted by aliens. In order to get Dingo back, Gomo will have to traverse across his world, searching for a rare crystal that lays buried deep underground. Featuring over 35 unique locations, players have plenty of scenery to point-and-click their way through on their hunt to find Dingo. 


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