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User review by sotong


Overall a nice game with nice graphics, interesting story & lots of HO scenes, and also interesting puzzles. Voice acting were good but the bad guy's (captain) accent was bad.

Completed the game and exited. Have successfully unlocked the bonus content & unlimited HO scenes. Returned to play the bonus content but the game wouldn't allow & insisted I start over. How stupid!

Because of this, minus one star.

User review by roseisa


This is a cartoon HOG, arcade style game with some mini-puzzles that can be monotonous - you can only move one square at a time, I assume the developer did that on purpose to make the game last longer than four hours.

What worked the HO scenes were challenging, the shooting gallery was enjoyable - who does not like to shoot the pirates?

The cartoon characters were drawn well and the HO scenes were not junk piles.

I disagree with the GZ reviewer - the voice acting was not bad, maybe over done in trying to bring drama to the story, but not bad.

My rating is actually 3.5 stars. And this is the first time I played this series.

Replay value - well if you get to shoot more pirates and collect clovers in the unlimited mode - the game has replay value.

However - given the sophistication we HO gamers expect from our games, I will probably not be buying any more games in the series.

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User review by greengem418


This was such a big surprise for me, and a good one at that. Got this for BFGs daily deal, and I was not disappointed. Although not featuring a horrid thriller, or flash-style graphics, this causal HOG was just as enjoyable as any of those more dramatic adventure/HOGs.

For starters, the storyline was engrossing - find the secrets of your grandfather's past... that alone intrigued me. And then it's discovered he used to be a pirate - awesome. An abundant array of puzzles that were easy, but fun; And lots of HO searches, but with pictures instead of a word list, Any game that allows you to shoot pirates gets an A+ in my book of 'fun'.

The drawings were gorgeous, and portrayed that era very well. Music blended so well with the gameplay that sometimes I forgot there was even music playing. The dialogue and VO matched perfectly with the characters, and finally no grammar problems - hooray!! I'm a stickler for misspellings and bad grammar, and this game pulled through.

A simple, but wonderful game, that was rightly executed. Sometimes simplicity is the key to achieving greatness.

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User review by Gardensafari


Grandfather has been arrested and it is up to you to find out why. Now that may seem to be a true adventure, it actually is not. It is just a hidden object game with a story. But a very good one. The main plus is the great graphics, which certainly put you in the right mood. They are beautifully made and there are lots of them. Only few scenes are being revisitid, most are brand new, each time! The quality of the HOG games themselves is also very good. Nothing too difficult, but not easy either. Some objects are collected and you have to use them to open up stuff, or something like that.

The mini games are well made and fit the story line and the HOG scenes wonderfully. But some are too easy, alas. And as this is a mixture of mini games like usual, they also include minigames that may not appeal to you at all. There is one I liked: -shoot villains, but don't shoot innocent people-, but it is far too slow. The story is partially done with speech, partially without. A rather weird thing, if you ask me. But the voice acting is fine. Collecting the lost items sometimes is a matter of sheer luck, not really my cup of tea, as you have really no idea what you are looking for.

I really like hog's, so it is 4 stars for me. If you are only somewhat interested in hog's, this game may turn out to be too boring for you.

User review by gobaba


This is a solidly entertaining iHOG with good graphics, beautiful scenery, multiple locations, long playtime, lots of puzzles, and is mostly HO scenes. The music is subtle and fits the theme. The HO scenes consist of showing you the object which you locate in the scene. Sometimes extra steps are necessary to reveal objects, which can be used in tasks or the many puzzles.

There's also a shooting gallery in between scenes, and pirates randomly appear in HO scenes for you to dispatch with a simulated revolver. Additionally clovers are hidden in each scene: collect enough and you unlock "free play", being able to go back and play any scene. You also earn trophies throughout the game, which pop up when you achieve them.

The story is convoluted but involves a grandfather wrongly arrested and his grandson trying to free him. In the process he finds out PawPaw was a pirate and becomes involved in tracking down his murderer and searching for treasure. It gets busier from there...

The CE has a very short bonus game, the story behind the development of GTII, wallpapers, strategy guide, soundtrack, and the shooting gallery. I bought this at BFG's CE sale, but really I think the SE packs a lot of entertainment in it, and is enough to be a very satisfying game.

User review by JenB


A good follow up to an enjoyable original. Like in the first the Hidden object scenes are good as are the puzzles. The part that threw me was the storyline. It was nice not to have it set in the West, but partway through when you're talking about (spoiler!) your grandfather being killed, and maybe I missed it but I hadn't known he was dead. The main character goes from calling him Grandpa to Kidd so I was unsure who he was talking about part of the time. The storyline just seemed extremely muddled to me.
Also, unless you have the CE Edition (which I did) you would probably feel cheated on the storyline. The CE was just a continuation of the story, not an extra little story or an additional few scenes. And even with the CE the story still had an open ending.
I like the little trophies and the fact that they brought back the "stolen" objects from the first one, but without being the sheriff, it kind of makes no sense why you're on the lookout for them in the first place.
Overall worth playing, but if you're interested in the story, pay real close attention.

User review by Jessica Jones


Review based on demo:

This game is a "skill" based HO game, that is based around figuring out why you uncle was sent to prision and the mystery behind clues that you locate in each scene. They game play is simple and relatively easy. Objects are pictured at the bottom of the screen and are assigned point values, presumably based on how dificult the items are to find. There are some minor ways to interact with each scenes (moving cloth or opening letters) and there are bonus given for acuracy (5, 10, 15 etc accurate clicks in a row) and completing scenes without using hints. Trophies are given as well.

If you are looking for challenging puzzles in this game you are not going to find them, and if you are looking for something new or out of the box you aren't really going to find that either.

Decent graphics
Objects are easy to see for the most part (some flies come to mind as the exception to this)
Points for objects and trophies are a fun addition
Ability to skip dialog if you desire
Hints are gained by shooting "bad guys" that randomly appear on screen

Story is somewhat odd and at times you are not 100% sure why you are in a certain area
Bad voice acting
Easy puzzles with crappy mechanics compared to similar games

Overall this is an average game that doesn't seem to stand out in the crowd for anything else other then the trophy system. I would suggest playing the demo and deciding if you wish to buy this game. I did not feel this game was worth the money.

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User review by aitchie


Not the best but worth a play. Good solid HOG with a few extra things to do in different scenes. Nothing very novel but enjoyable anyway.

The only thing I found frustrating is I finished the main game, but when I tried to load the bonus game it told me to finish the game game first - but trying to reload the main game just said I had finished it. So I gave up.

User review by jones


When I played the CE a month or so ago, I thought: hmmm, my eyes are killing me in the HO scenes and I used the Hint button frequently. As BFGs tomorrow's game today release this morning I played again and thought the same thing. Also I didn't care for the mini-games, easy or not, I just skipped them because of the crummy mechanics as others have mentioned. There were a few elements I liked (shooting the baddies, finding the flowers, the shooting gallery to get extra flowers) but that didn't save this game for me. I had hoped to like this game and delve deeper into the story, but even with BFGs $4.99 weekend think this is one I'll pass on.

User review by Pumpkin1974


DISCLAIMER: I only played the one hour demo, so I cannot testify to how long it will take to finish the game. Also, since I never had to look at the strategy guide, I don't know how helpful/unhelpful it is.

I loved this game. In my opinion, it did what few sequels do, fix what didn't work and not mess up the elements that did work. The story starts with a baron being arrested on suspicion of being Captain Kidd. You, playing as his grandson, first try to find proof of his innocence, then trying to win his release by finding the ship's log. While I thought that the plot was interesting, there were several plot points I didn't find believable. What are the chances that you will travel to a foreign county had find the person you are looking for based on a 20 year-old image and find her on your VERY first stop?

The graphics and gameplay are also superb. You can get extra hints by shooting bandits that popup in hidden object scenes. You will also find 150 clovers to unlock a secret hidden object scene. The hints are very helpful (which is why I didn't need to look at the strategy guide). Some people have complained about the voice acting, but I didn't have a problem with it. Also, there is little of the useless back and forth traveling seen in some recent games (Celtic Lore, for example).

From what I saw in the trial, I think this game is well worth buying.

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