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Gardens of Time - Feature of "The Daily Victorian"

Gardens of Time - Features of "The Daily Victorican"

Gardens of Time

  • This is an addendum to the my Gardens of Time walkthrough posted here at Gamezebo.
  • Each time you log into Gardens of Time or by clicking on the "News" tab at the lower right of the game screen will bring up "The Daily Victoria" which is a newspaper that has a couple of neat features.
  • Daily Bonus - First of all is the daily bonus. Each consecutive day you log in you will earn a coin bonus which increasese daily to a maximum of five days after which it starts all over again.
  • If you miss a day logging in this count will start over at day one the next time you log in.
  • If you make it to day five without missing a day you will be awarded with a free mystery gift with either free hints, or great decor items for your garden, gold bars, and more.
  • Remember, you must click on "Collect" at the bottom of each days prize to claim it.
  • Special Featured items - Along the bottom of the paper you will see there are special featured items that can only be purchased using the games premium currency of gold bars. These purchases will unlock special scenes you can play in the game that others will not see or items for your garden that are only available via "The Daily Victorian". They will earn you large numbers of reputation points which help unlock even more scenes in the hidden object area.
  • Be sure to check into the game as every other week they will be updating the content and adding new hidden object scenes, chapters and items to purchase and place in your garden.
  • Have fun! :)
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