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Gardens of Time Cheat

1.log on to facebook 2.Go to search bar and type facebook gamerz 3.Find to community page called Facebook Gamerz ( with a Z) 4. the page.go to the main page and look for Gardens Of Time Speed CHEAT. 5. Click on the download link 6. Your all done!
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Gardens of Time tips, tricks, cheats and strategie

Play the same levels over and over until you hit all four stars on them. Reason being, all of the objects on each level stay in the same location every time you play, so the more often you play the level, the quicker you can beat the level each time, which earns you more points and coins and..
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Who are the two people w/plus sign

who are the two people at bottom of page that have plus sign pulsating?? I click on them and my screen goes white
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The Blitz with the Briefcasehas a programming Error.If the list has both the Book and the Handprint to find and You click on the Book First, then you lose the Handprint too--forever and can't collect points for it or bring it back.This is the first scene that I have ever had problems with and it was..
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Gardens of Time - Feature of "The Daily Victorian"

Gardens of Time - Features of "The Daily Victorican"This is an addendum to the my Gardens of Time walkthrough posted here at Gamezebo.Each time you log into Gardens of Time or by clicking on the "News" tab at the lower right of the game screen will bring up "The Daily Victoria" which is a newspaper..
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Neighbor visits earn you XP in Gardens of Time

Neighbor visits earn you XP in Gardens of TimeThis is an addendum to my walkthrough for Gardens of Time here at Gamezebo.In the guide it was explained that visiting your neighbors earns you coins, XP, and energy.What was not mentioned is that when neighbors visit your garden, you also earn two XP..
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