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Fruit Ninja Frenzy. The hit iPhone game Fruit Ninja has been expanded upon in this free to play fruit slicing title! Play it now!

Fruit Ninja Frenzy Walkthrough

Apr 3, 2012

Fruit Ninja Frenzy is an arcade-style game from Halfbrick Studios. Slicing fruit is the game, and your mouse is the sword! You’ll have to be quick and use all of your skills to slice as much fruit as possible before time runs out. Can you do it faster than your friends? We’ll make sure you’re prepared for any stray bananas in our quick start guide, which has all of the tips, tricks and strategies you’ll need.

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Best Social Spin on a Familiar Favorite in 2011

Dec 16, 2011

If 2011 is remembered for one thing, it might just be the deluge of popular game franchises that made their way to Facebook. Plenty of familiar faces were given the social treatment with new free-to-play Facebook games, and the results varied quite a bit. Some games failed to live up the hype while others, despite being fun, were unceremoniously shut down. But for the first time there was also a great line-up of games from popular gaming franchises that managed to make their mark on Facebook. These are the five best.

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy Review

Nov 8, 2011

I've faced off against watermelons on the iPhone. I've fought duels to the death with oranges and pineapples on the Xbox 360. They have all shuddered at the sight of my juice-dripping blade. And now, at last, I've followed the path of the Fruit Ninja against the seeded hordes on the plains of Facebook, and I have walked away content. Fruit Ninja Frenzy may not bring much new to the chopping block, but its combination of the best aspects of the standard game with the trappings of Bejeweled Blitz make this a title worth noticing.

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy slicing Facebook later this month

Oct 11, 2011

While Halfbrick made the surprise announcement of the new spin-off Fruit Frenzy: Puss in Boots, Facebook gamers were left to wonder just what's going on with Fruit Ninja Frenzy. But as it turns out, there's nothing to worry about as the game is set to hit Facebook very soon.

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy Preview

Jun 9, 2011

We already knew that Fruit Ninja Frenzy, the Facebook adaptation of the addictive iPhone arcade game, was going to focus on short, Bejeweled Blitz-style play sessions. The game still isn't available, but you can get an oh-so-brief hands-on experience with it right now. How brief? Less than a second.

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Fruit Ninja slicing its way on to Facebook

Mar 4, 2011

After maing a sticky mess on the iPhone, the ridiculously popular Fruit Ninja is now making its way to Facebook in the form of Fruit Ninja Frenzy.

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