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User review by sotong


This one wasn't that interesting. In fact, I played for a while, stopped and forgotten to continue with the game. That explained how much interest I had with it.

Graphics were alright but the story was not captivating enough because it was loosely based on the memory of the main character and a dilapidated circus. The whole story was about trying to catch the white tiger cub. Once caught, memory came back and the badly worn down circus was magically transformed as if it was brand new again. It was weird!

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User review by jkf


This one slipped by me when it first came out because the game title and the hype that was around made me think it was an adventure game and after I started it up, it appeared more like a fantasy themed game so I put it aside for a long time.

The game was not bad, nice graphics for most of time when not in the other world... the grey black scenes made it hard to find things in the flashbacks. For being a relatively recent game, I was expecting it to fill my widescreen monitor but I ended up with the bars. For the most part, the game was easy until it switched over to the dark scenes and that was like groping around in the dark. The hint button came in pretty handy as it would circle the item that needed to be used or circle the HO in the location.

Too bad they did not do a voiceover on the dialogs since there was a lot of encounters with other characters and that could have been used for better character development. This game did not allow the player to make any choices to where you were headed. As you solved one scene, it told you where you were going next and what to do. There was an excessive amount of hand holding. From that I gather this game was made for novice or younger players who wanted to play something that wasn't too challenging and that would make this a great game for them. You could just keep hitting the hint to find everything and it could lead you to the end eventually. Since it was easy, the game did not take long to finish.

If you are looking for a tough game with some difficult puzzles, you will probably not want to play this game, but it is a nice game for those that just want to pass the time.

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User review by Ashie


It's ok. Frustrated about not being able to save up to the minute progress

User review by leila777


I love this game, and hope they do a sequel with more of the story - I love beautiful hidden object games with great stories (and am fussy, so finding one I like is always amazing : ) I hate puzzles & always cheat on those, so It's perfect for me. If no one else has found a walkthrough, try here:

I'm walkthrough dependent, I'd like more story too, because it is so compelling and atmospheric, but love not having that wandering all over the place stuff some games do, it's kept me from buying a lot.

This one is a keeper, and seriously, that's rare for me. It's really made for hidden object and art fans, who love story and atmosphere (which is not the same as fancy production values, cough, cough). It reminds me of the real classics of the genre, awesome. Great to find a focus on real atmosphere, story, and beauty.

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User review by Miranda22


I bought this from GameHouse for a $2.99 promotion and that's a deal. Pretty much straight HOG with a few inventory use puzzles thrown in. Difficulty ranges from elementary to Huh?, but all are skippable. You are moving between a grim, gray nightmare circus and a bright, colorful fantasy circus in the quest for a missing tiger cub. Music bright and breezy as you look through different circus areas of a clown, strongman, magician, etc.. Some of the objects essentially invisible, but mostly appropriate to the scene and ample hints provided. Never found all the pawprints during the game, so unsure what - if anything - that would have added to gameplay. Plenty long, but certainly nothing new or different. Pleasant, relaxing game. 3.5 stars

User review by SunnyGamer


I thought this was going to be a dismal dark game but was pleasantly surprised to find that in the flashbacks it is very bright, cheerful and colorful. I found the story interesting and different and particularly like seeing the circus as it was in its former glory.

Some of the objects are very small and hard to find but for the most part they're easy to spot and the hints refill quickly if needed. The graphics are pretty, not stellar but nice enough.

Not a great game but a pretty good one that's fun to play imo. I think people should try the demo first (for any game) before deciding whether to purchase.

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User review by Diskette66


This is a nice hidden object game with a fun circus theme, intelligently written, good graphics, some decent variety of what I've played so far. I don't regret purchasing it - nice for a lighthearted play experience.

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User review by aitchie


Think this probably deserves 3.5 stars - it isn't bad and I played it to the end. But I didn't really get into the storyline (despite loving the cute cat!). The scenes on the most part were bright and fun to play, and you had extra areas to open and investigate. However, mostly it was a fairly straight forward HOG which wasn't too difficult.

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User review by TnTexas


Overall Impression: A fun game with an original idea. Too bad they tried to shoehorn it into a dark and creepy box.

Media Description: For the most part, the graphics were nice and bright and clear. There were some dark, murky scenes; but they weren't in the majority.

Storyline: In my opinion, this was probably the weakest part of the game. Had they simply stuck with the idea of finding the cub, I would have described it as fun and original. But instead they plunked that story into the middle of a confusing, severely underdeveloped storyline of a woman who hunts down a circus she's been dreaming about. The ending to that storyline comes out of nowhere and leaves the player wondering what in the world just happened. Not very satisfying at all.

Gameplay: Overall it's pretty straightforward. There were some spots where I was left wondering what was expected of me, but there weren't many of them.

HOG Scenes: The HOG scenes were more along the lines of cluttered rooms rather than junkpiles. Nothing was velcroed to the ceilings or walls, and the objects were proportional to the scene - which did make some of them a bit hard to find. I don't remember there being any misclick penalties.

Minigames/puzzles: The minigames were woven into the storyline very well. Some of them were more difficult than others, but they were eventually skippable.

Hints: The hint was unlimited and refilled within a reasonable amount of time. It also worked in non-HOG scenes as well as the HOG ones. Being able to understand what the hint was revealing was questionable at times, but not too often.

Will Probably Appeal to: those who like iHOG/Adventures and are tired of the grandpa-needs-rescuing variety.

Will Probably Not Appeal to: those who like straight HOGs or for the storylines in their games to make sense.

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User review by gobaba


Mostly I give this one points for originality and doing a good job of seamlessly shifting you from dreamworld to reality without too many harsh bumps. This is top-heavy on HO scenes and very little adventure, so be aware now. I played advanced mode (love having a choice) and noticed it wasn't too difficult though some mini-games were taxing. Music was very pleasing and shifted smoothly from "happy circus" to "creepy abandoned circus". The graphics were clear enough, though some HO scenes gave you the feeling you were standing 15 feet away. Scenery was well-done and numerous. Playtime is about 2.5 hrs. English translation suffers every now and then ("I Gamezebo read daily, also enjoy") and like the reviewer mentioned, there isn't the flexibility of your usual IHOG to roam around.

Still, I have to thank our Slavic gamemakers for not dragging us through another set of faux Egyptian pyramids, Brazilian jungles, decaying mansions, etc., and bringing a fresh storyline that does grab your interest. If you like mostly straight HOGs with a new story twist, this is your game.

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