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User review by Duckyohara


This is a thoroughly delightful game about a silly boy, The Fool, who tries to win the hand of the fair Princess. The first time he tries to win her with a ruse, but the dreaded Dragon gets so mad he kidnaps her! Uh-oh...

Very nice art with a good balance of HO and puzzle games. The puzzles are challenging enough but not totally brain-busting. You also get to drop into some very different locations -- a cemetery, ancient temples, the site of a crashed flying saucer -- and even do a bit of time travel, as The Fool searches for his lady love. Add to all this a good dose of humor throughout, both visual and in dialog, and you have a winning combination of fun and frolic!

It really does make you wonder why more games don't insert a bit of wit.

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User review by roseisa


I have nothing to add regarding the plot, the other reviews did a fantastic job describing the story.

In my opinion, what sets this game apart from most HOG's is I recognized the same quality of graphics from the Syberia series.

I suspect the developers wanted to create Syberia's quality in this game and they succeeded.

It is a short game, but again quality of the story, graphics, puzzles have made it one of the better HOG's being offered these days.

And while the game has HO's throughout, I think the fool leans toward more of an adventure, puzzle game than a standard HO game.

The fool is a good choice if you want a change from standard HOG's.

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User review by greengem418


A very refreshing casual adventure game experience from the creepy, and twisted HOGs that come out majority of the time. Love the quirky humor that some of the characters were given. Graphics were very well done, and I love that 'The Fool" was just a regular guy. Prince charming doesn't exist these days, so it gives me hope a regular guy can accomplish something extraordinary, if need be. :) Worth every penny.

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User review by Gardensafari


Actually this is more a casual adventure game than a real HOG, for there are a limited number of HOG's only. It is all about solving puzzles and finding and using objects. The scenery is beautiful, the drawings are excellent. The story would have been a very conventional one, but... the humor is great. The story falls apart in three chapters. The first two are very adventurous and funny. The last one, in the dragon's castle, however is too short, too simple and ended too abruptly.
This game is not as beautiful as Terra Sacra for instance and much shorter. But the humor gives it a little extra and makes it a very good 4-star game. I am glad I played it.

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User review by gobaba


Nicely done game with tongue-in-cheek absurd humor made this adventure/HOG a pleasure to play. It's adventure/puzzle heavy, HO light with two modes of play, pleasing graphics and music, and a good story with winsome characters.

A naive lad attempts to subdue a vicious dragon that's terrorizing a kingdom. He does so at first by trickery, then spends the rest of the game trying to redeem himself, and squelch the dragon permanently while rescuing the princess.

Puzzles were good, some innovative and challenging. HO scenes were clear, and adventure held interest. There's a good variety of scenery, with many comical characters encountered along the way. It was about 3.5-4 hours long. This is better than many CE games. 4.4 stars

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User review by Shecat


I played the trial and although I thought it was OK, I didn't really love it and decided not to buy. A tiny bit funny in the dialogue. However, any of these reviews are personal preference, and if you like something a little different this may be the game for you.

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User review by GimmeAHint


This is the first review I've written, so obviously I think this is a great game that is charming and funny. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible, the dialog is hysterical and there are so many little homages to other games and even The Wizard of Oz. The one thing I wanted to emphasize is that this game is available for MAC and not just PC as listed. I purchased through Big Fish, so don't feel left out if you're on a Mac. Game developers of the world, please try to do more stuff like this. I'm sick to death of murdered children, hideous experiments and ZOMG!, our car broke down by the side of the road in the rain! Games like this and Snark Busters are a welcome change; not that zombie kids don't have their time and place.

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User review by HOGlover


I love this game! I'm only half way through and even though it seems on the shorter side, gamers shouldn't let that fact deter them from enjoying this one. The dialogue is funny, witty, and sometimes even dumb but still brings a smile to your face. It's been said that the scenes were under-utilized, where they could have had a lot more exploring, and I agree with that. The graphics are such that it makes you want to just roam around awhile and yet you finish what tasks you need and are outta there, on to the next location. Personally, I don't mind a lot of backtracking or holding onto a lot of inventory items at one time, and this game gives you neither - you find an item and use it pretty much within a few locations, which I can appreciate as a change of pace from most games lately. The puzzles are a challenge for me, but not frustratingly so and every time it started up and said "fooooling" instead of "loading", I laughed. The only down side for me was that it was not full screen on my Mac and I didn't have the option to put to widescreen, don't know why. But nonetheless, short game or not, it's a great time and I will definitely keep it in my game library to play again one day in the distant future.

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User review by aitchie


Cute game! Pretty easy and short but it was nicely done and a sweet fairytale story.

HOG scenes, and puzzles and figuring out what to do where means there was plenty of different things to keep everyone entertained.

User review by tottin


Great game! This is the meaning of casual gaming! Delightful story with simple humor added. We soooo need that in some of these games which are often too serious or gruesome. It may be a little too simple for some. I found parts simple and others quite challenging, but nothing that couldn't be solved with a little perseverence. Absolutely loved it!!!

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