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Ever dream about what it would be like to run your own airport and airline company? Make those dreams come true with Flight Tycoon!
Link up with other players around the world to create a network of airports and build your fleet of passenger jets.
Start off with a small airport in some rinky-dink town then watch as you help it become a bustling international gateway hub!
-Join with friends sending flights to one another and build your airline empires together!
-Unlock new scenic locations to expand on your airport. There’s the ocean, desert, jungle, and even a snow covered mountain!
-Add local airports then as you grow you can connect with airports farther and farther away.
-Develop your city! Construct and manage the buildings around your airport such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, to help increase the flow of travelers and income.
-Customize your airport with several different Airport Ramp paint schemes.
-View your airliners as they arrive at your friends’ airports. Then help service the planes and prepare them for the return flight.
-Dozens of aircraft with multiple paint schemes can be unlocked including: planes, helicopters, and balloons. It get’s even crazier when you have space shuttles, paper airplanes, and even a few familiar sci-fi ships!
-The larger your network of friends grows the greater success you will become!
Note: An internet connection is required to play Flight Tycoon.
Game Tips:
-If you start the game with a friend make sure to choose the same location. That way you can connect to each others’ airports right away!
-Longer routes means higher profits. Make sure to network with airports that have a greater distance away from yours.
-Make sure to choose the proper aircraft for your routes. Some planes won’t travel as far as you need them to!
-Passengers will pay more to ride in higher quality aircraft. Purchase them as soon as possible!

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