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In a fairy-tale kingdom two best friends, King Eridan and the count, for struggle against the Dark Forces the Gods gave them two Magic Doves. These birds have a great magic power. The person that owns both of them becomes undefeatable. One of the doves was kept in the count's palace, while its mate was kept in the king's tower. In case of an attack on the kingdom or the count's domain the birds would be put into one cage and the enemy would be defeated. But one day, when the count was out of the kingdom and the countess together with her servant went to the king's ball, someone attacked the count's palace and stole the Dove!

Flight of Fancy: Two Doves Preview

Jun 3, 2013

My best friend and I have been best friends ever since we first met way back in the fourth grade. But if our entire fairy tale kingdom depended on that close bond of friendship to save the land from harm, well I think that would put a little strain on even the strongest of friendships. So goes the plot of Flight of Fancy: Two Doves, a whimsical new hidden object adventure from ERS Game Studios, the same HOG developers who brought us recent gems like Reveries: Sisterly Love and Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death.

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