How many Levels are there?

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How many Levels are there?

I see someone has reached level 1383...  how many levels are there?  I do think that the game is repeating some levels.


i heard of someone reaching 700. i'd like to know also. i'm at 225 now. if you find out please post it here. i love this game. when i buy a new tank it's always the same tank, is that right, or do they ever offer different designs?

Just reach over 2600,  and still going.  :)  Everthing has been purchased on all levels too.  :)


Have fun.

Hey there! 

The original gameplay of Fishdom consists of three tanks and three trophies for each of them. Once you have collected all the awards you can still continue the game and make your aquariums even more beautiful and unique in their own way! So Fishdom is basically a never-ending game, there’s no final level Smile

Also Fishdom has a number of great sequels. Among them are Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey, Fishdom: Harvest Spash, Fishdom: Spooky Splash and Fishdom: Frosty Splash. These games have different cute fishes, fancy ornaments and cosy comfort items. Just go ahead and give these games a try as well! You can find them on Have fun!

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Hello Everyone.


I just started playing this game about 18 months ago.

It is the spooky splash version

I just reached level1900 and have over 8million points. My goal is to see there is another digit when I hit the 10 million point.

I'm not sure exactly when it started but at some point the levels start at "30" and just goes round and round.till you have done then all then it starts at  level 30 again.

Mike T

i am on level 1519 it keeps on repeating