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game won't play on my main computer

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game won't play on my main computer

I did the beta test of this game, and it played reasonably well on my Vista laptop and my old WinXP desktop whose video driver was dated 2004.  It wouldn't run at all on my main (Vista Ultimate, 32 bit) desktop which has a wide screen monitor and resolution 1280x800.  the new release doesn't run on my main computer either.

I don't want to buy the game unless it runs on my main computer.  Yes I emailed their support people, but I told them during the beta that it wouldn't run on my main computer and they never got back to me.

does anybody have any advice on how to get it to play?  or are there other people who can't get the game to run, so we can try to narrow down the cause?

If you downloaded the game right after it went live on Friday, I suggest that you should redownload it. This issue should have been fixed over the weekend. Let me know if it helps.

Thanks for the advice, but it still doesn't play.  I get the small trial screen, but when I click the Play button Windows complains that has stopped working.  And the "it has stopped working" part apparently counts against my trial time too.  Oh well, if the game ever gets fixed so it does work, I'm supposed to get a free copy from the beta test I did using my laptop.