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FISHAO (Fish Always Online) is a real-time multiplayer game which is playable in a browser. It is not a simple point and click puzzle game, but a true cute looking open world fishing MMO. It’s a social game that will be available both on Facebook and at FISHAO.com.
Players can customize their own character, meet new friends, compete in online tournaments, complete achievements and catch many fish (more then 150) to complete their Fishdex.

FISHAO Preview

May 14, 2013

I’ve never really been a fan of fishing. I tried going a few times before with my dad, but it was always really hot and sticky outside, and I could never manage to catch anything bigger than my finger. You can’t really even talk to anyone while you’re fishing either, for fear of scaring all the fish away. Now virtual fishing, on the other hand, is definitely more my speed: where I can cast my line from the comfort of my couch and with the air conditioning on full blast as I wait for something to bite. And that’s why I’m so excited about FISHAO, which looks to bring the core concepts of fishing to the social gaming scene.

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