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User review by greengem418


As far as match 3 games go, this is pretty easy, but because they added interactive game play, and hidden object scenes, I'm giving this game 5 stars. I highly enjoyed that they added all those extras, so the game didn't seem all that boring.

Also - even though it did take some time to load in between transitioning scenes, I liked the pictures and comments they had in between so much, I found myself laughing out load at times. Very cute.

I'm normally a Ho/Adventure player, but once in a while, I enjoy a far more casual game like Farmscapes, which really hit the spot.

User review by dorothyberry


Great game for novices but slow to load up from each scene, fun to play hidden objects complete the game by having to use objects found

User review by Samia Jawaid


Amazing! This is one of my all time favorite games..

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User review by royalslammers


We loved it, kept on playing. However, got stock (ok I feel stupid) on level 80. No one seems to be able to tell me how to get those veggies in the 2 blocks on the right side. So up til now it was great for playing.

User review by sims2gamer


This is one of my all-time favorite games. I never thought I'd be so in to a game revolving around farming, but this game is so charming I couldn't help but fall in love with it. The graphics alone are enough to make you gasp in appreciation. The game play is very easy, so if you are searching for a challenge, this is not your game. At the end of a stressful day I like to unwind and enjoy my gaming time, without pressures or worrying I'll have to repeat a level after spending several minutes on it. You don't have to worry about that with this game - even if you start a level in Timed mode, if you feel like you can't finish in the remaining time you simply switch the mode to Relaxed without losing any progress. This is awesome, because it gives you the best of both worlds: the extra money you earn for completing the level under the time limit plus no pressure if you can't do it. I love the power-ups and ADORE customizing the farm, as well as interacting with the characters. I've spent several hours already playing this game and I'm only on the first farm. If you like charming, no-pressure match-3/hidden object hybrid games with great graphics and fun game play, do yourself a favor and BUY THIS GAME.

User review by erikthev


I rarely give a top rating to anything, be it a movie, a song, a game but in this case 5 stars is the only option. Yes, there are some very minor nit picks about loading times, but for a relaxing game that you can play over and over (three goes at customizing your farm) it was perfect for me. The graphics and animation are wonderful, appealing to all ages, and even the hidden object games were well put together (love the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen etc!) and while not over challenging, they were a pleasant break. The 'adventure' routines were fun and entertaining,

As for the load times, how often, playing a game did you just need a few seconds to grab a cookie/candy/sip of soda etc and not to have to set the pause button (which in some games is not immediately available), this game gives you that break time, although after playing through all three farms, I did get a little tired of the pictures and captions having seen them all many times.

For quality of graphics and animation, for difficulty of the match 3 screens, for overall entertainment, this game is well deserving of top marks!

User review by peeweesmom


Pluses: Pleasing graphics, some variety in game play.

Minuses: Every time the screen needs to change (whenever you need to "go somewhere else"), you have to sit and wait while the page loads - often 5 or 6 seconds. This gets very tiresome. You even have to wait for pages to load before you can exit. This waiting is not due to my computer (an Alienware Area 51 maxed out); it is due to game design.

But the main minus, which I believe to be a design flaw, is that in the match 3 screens, it's quite possible to be put in an unsolvable situation. That is, when you have stand-alone boxes that are not connected to other boxes (and therefore cannot be in a match-3 configuration with adjacent boxes), you're screwed. Unless I'm missing something obvious to everyone else, you either need to give up and start the whole game over or spend very large amounts of time incessantly playing the same match-3 in the hopes that a bomb can clear the stand-alone box.

I enjoyed this game until getting into a situation where the seemingly endless match-3 game became too boring.

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User review by Diskette66


What a sweet and lovely game. Graphics are beautiful as always by Playrix. The gameplay is cute, engaging and endearing. This is a mix between a match 3, simulation/builder type game, adventure game and hidden object scenes. Similar to Gardenscapes, you are designing a farm - the difference here is that you are earning money through match 3 vegetable sales and advancing the storyline on the farm through adventure type play with just a touch of hidden object thrown in as well. So far, the match 3's have shown increasing difficulty fairly early on, which relieves me because I like a challenging match 3. Fishdom series, while beautiful, is much too sedate for me so I'm glad to see this one does not seem to follow the same suit. However, the game is available in timed (the only way for me!) or relaxed mode. Game is very high quality as is everything by this developer; no surprise there! The game does take a minute between scenes but it's obvious it's because of the quality of the graphics and animations. I didn't find it to be maddeningly long or even frustration producing - look away at the TV for a moment, when you look back, it's done. Great game, well worth the money.

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User review by Vald


If you like Gardenscapes, then you are in for a treat with this game. It´s twice as fun with lots more to do.
In Gardenscapes you had a butler doing things and talking to you. In Farmscapes you have a farmer and his grandson (who looks suspiciously like the boy from the film “UP”) entertaining you.

This is basically a Match-3 game with some HOG playing thrown into it. The H0 scenes are clear and clean and uncluttered. Objects are easy to find and if you hover over certain objects, they might even come to life.

There are two different ways to play a HOG. One is where you find different objects, and in the other one you have to find, say, 20 of the same items.
In the Match-3 games, you earn money at the market where you sell your fruit and veg (and later on other things). And with that hard-earned money you can buy things and renovate your farm.

There are also mini tasks that you need to do. Sometimes things happen on the farm and you will have to do something to set it right.
The graphics are beautiful and clean, the images are nicely detailed, the farmer and his grandson are fun to watch and ´listen´ to. And there is a neighbour who pops in from time to time.

There are two game modes: Timed and relaxed, and you can change the mode any time. You can also choose custom cursor or not.

The CE version comes with 30 extra Match-3 levels, 2 bonus farms (which are exactly like the main farm), screensaver, wallpapers, soundtrack, and a walkthrough.

Impatient players might find the loading time in between scene changes a little too long, especially when you get back to the farm after having played a Match-3 game.
Apart from the fact that there are some annoying sound effects (dog barking, the shrill sound of the telephone or the continuous honking of a car horn when doing a Match-3 game, for example) there isn´t a thing I would change with this game. Gets 5 stars out of 5 from me.

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User review by JammyCat


Pros: The graphics were clear and bright, very cute. The idea of the kid on the farm for the summer was good.

Cons: Every time you changed scenes, you had to wait for the next screen to load. And that happened a lot. Before and after every match-3 screen, before and after every scene on the farm, before and after every time you went to the trophy screen, before and after every hidden object scene. Get the idea? I have a quad core cpu, so the loading screen didn't take a long time, probably 8 or 10 seconds, but they wore me down. I quit after about 35 minutes into the demo. It just wasn't engaging enough to make it worth all that waiting for loading. Once in a while is okay, all the time is not.

If you have more patience than me, give it a try. It does have a variety of tasks and things to do. When you're not waiting for it to load...

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