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User review by Indie


When I saw that a new FF game was released I immediately jumped with joy and got it straight away, even though the latest releases of the game where not the best.
I have to admit that at first the game was a huge disappointment for me. I couldn't get gold in the first 3-4 levels (still can't - walkthrough anyone?) but I decided to stick with it and it definitely paid off.
First of all, it's different (even though the gameplay is pretty much the same) but the graphics are better and fresh, so much so that I can forgive a few glitches - like the fact that the dogs look a bit weird for example. The levels are difficult and it's really hard to beat the best time, especially on early levels which leads me to believe that there are several improvements and corrections waiting to be made on the game, but it's still good for hours of entertainment. There is a new'adventure' mode, which is a vast improvement from the aimless 'unlimited mode' (or whatever it was called) in previous FF versions. At least now we get a basic storyline to focus on and it makes things more interesting. I haven't made it very far into the game yet but I'm curious to see what happens with the different levels that are locked at the beginning. Another improvement is the large variety of new awards that you can win throughout the game. There are loads of new ones and I can't wait to explore them some more. All in all it's a good effort from Alawar and Melesta. If they can work out the best times thing and difficulty of some levels they'll definitely get 5 stars from me.

ETA: many reviewers commented on the waiting time between levels. It's definitely something that should be improved but it doesn't really take away much from the game itself.

User review by jonagold451


I love FF, so I'm loving this game. And it's long!

The gameplay will be pretty familiar. Mousing over items tells you their names, so that's a nice thing.

The level times are often just whacky. One level will give you 6 minutes, you'll easily win in 3 minutes, and the 'best time' will say 9 minutes. Another level will give you 1 minute, you barely manage in a minute and a half, and the 'best time' will be 25 seconds. Weird!

The game crashed a few times with a javascript void message. I don't care for the loading screen, with that Viking on the little cycle. I wish my cursor could be a slingshot, so I could throw rocks at him!

Regardless, the casual games of late have been drab, another FF is a welcome bright spot for me!

User review by camisinsanity


This farm frenzy is still colorful and you still have to do the same things like before. However its with vikings. The other difference is instead of endless mode you have adventure mode. Adventure mode has the story line. Standard is a lot like the original FFs. However I have noticed that this one is much harder to get gold on. You'll have to play through and get updated machines etc before you can get gold. With 122 levels though it will take more time to beat the game. Definitely will have replay value like the others as well. I don't like how you have to upgrade your animals and how you get some of the materials. Especially at first it made it seem that much harder but I quickly adjusted.

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User review by TeamSD


FFZ fans will loving this game! Great new theme of the best selling FFZ series. Colorful graphics with some new cool stuffs and upgrades. The game is still fun with the same concept and style of gameplay just like other FFZ games. It's fun but still not much differences compare with other FFZ.....

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