9 Star Boulevard Gold

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9 Star Boulevard Gold

Here's how I finally got gold on 9 star boulevard:

Sell 1 sheep and 2 geese.  When the truck returns, send the helicopter for 1 headdress and 3 flours.

Fill and water the ground.

Send the helicopter back for 3 flours while working all the factories.

Sell 1 costume and 3 cakes.

Buy 2 headdresses and 3 flour.
Upgrade the warehouse once, truck twice, and water again.
Capture and sell 5 bears.
Buy 6 flour.
Send helipcopter back for 1 headdress.

As soon as you have 20 eggs, sell 3 geese, 6 cake, and 1 costume.
Send helipcopter for 5 headdresses.
Sell 6 cakes and 1 costume.
Upgrade the costume factory.
Sell 1 costume and 6 cookies
Send helicopter for 1 headdress.
As soon as you have the 10 wool, sell 2 costumes and the sheep.
Upgrade the costume factory and click quickly to finish.