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User review by Diskette66


Didn't expect to like this series as much as I did - but it's a great game! Lots of fun, addictive gameplay and lots of challenge (but not in a frustrating way ... just in a constantly keep you on your toes type way). Highly recommend this one

User review by Gaelle


Great game but sooo difficult. I can't even have silver on every level, so forget about gold. But great gameplay, graphisms, upgrades. Great value also because it takes a long time to beat it!

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User review by Deliiight


Absolutly love this game! It is so long and so hard to get gold in every level! really need to think and make the best moce each time! Well worth the money! 5 stars!

User review by soprecious863


great game better then the first

User review by sandrita


I loved farm frenzy 1 as mauch as i love this game. Fun to play all the way to the end.

User review by rpggirl


Again I have to say OMG...so much better then the first one and I loved that one....graphics are great, I love all the upgrades and I find it really challenging, keep trying to get at least a silver in each level....LOVE IT!!!!!

User review by arcadiarose


Much like FFI, only BETTER. Greatly improved graphics, more/better upgrades, more challenging play, and more levels. My favorite of the farm-themed TM games.

User review by tekirpitir


Fantastic graphics! If you enjoyed the first one you will definitely love this one. I liked the unlimited mode as well.

User review by virtualmarina


awsome!! Just loved it

User review by Angiesheart


What can I say? This Game is better than the first one! I love it!

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