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By Kellie Cardwell-Winters | May 28, 2013 |

Game Introduction - Fantastic Forest

Fantastic Forest by Wooga games is a charming story-guided Facebook simulation game, where you will interact with adorable forest creatures while building a thriving village, completing fun quests, and solving the mysteries of the forest. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started
Fantastic Forest can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.

Fantastic Forest

  • Log into your Facebook account, and if you need to, you may do a search for “Fantastic Forest” to go to their Facebook page. Here you can “Like” the game which will give you added in-game rewards. Here you can also find others to friend that are playing the game and see new features once added.

Fantastic Forest

  • Choose your Avatar
  • When you start the game for the first time, you will be asked to choose between a male and female avatar. Click on the one you wish to use by clicking on the female avatar and then choosing from the ring that forms around her as shown above. You can change your avatar gender anytime.
  • You will be taken through a brief tutorial and will not be able to do anything else in the game until you follow it.
  • Disco ball – Note that you can click on the disco ball and your avatar will dance for you.

Fantastic Forest

Gifting and talking to Forest Creatures

  • As you play the game, you will unlock more forest creatures. You will interact with these characters as you complete goals. Click on a character and you will see a circular menu appear around them.

Fantastic Forest

  • Presents – Click on the gift to prompt your inventory menu. From here you can choose items to gift to this character. Several quests will require you to do this.
  • Quest board – Click on the quest board to see any current quests associated with this forest animal.
  • Talk – Click on the mouth icon to talk to an animal. This is also a frequent quest task. When you click on the mouth you will see written text and hear gibberish. You can turn this off in the game settings if you wish.

Fantastic Forest

Game Settings

  • At the top right of the game screen you will see the game settings. Here you can toggle the game sound and music, enter full or windowed screen modes, and zoom in or out of the scene.

Fantastic Forest

Design Mode

  • Click on the yellow arrows to enter design mode. Here you can move, rotate, and sell items, or place them into storage or inventory.


  • Gameplay consists of following a storyline where your character has fallen into the Fantastic Forest, and you will meet interesting animal characters as you unlock various areas. You will be farming, crafting items from the goods you harvest, selling goods at the market, uncovering secret buildings and restoring them as you complete goals revealed to you. You will be able to play along with Facebook friends and help each other to complete various quests by sending gifts once per day.

Performing Tasks

  • This is one of the rare games that do not require you to have energy points in order to complete tasks. Instead of that obstacle, you will find the storage space for the items you gather to be your main challenge. Save your coins to keep your inventory maximum expanding. You can increase your inventory maximum ten slots at a time, and items must be in your inventory if you wish to use them in any capacity, such as selling them or using them for crafting items.

Fantastic Forest


  • You will start out with six dirt plots in which you can plant various fruits and vegetables to harvest and use in various quests. Click on the dirt plot and the menu will appear above. Click on the item you wish to plant. Note that each item is either available to you for free, or you will have to pay a few coins to plant it.
  • Each item has a different amount of time attached to it in which it will mature for harvesting. Place your cursor over the crop to see how much time is left, and a countdown menu will be shown.

Fantastic Forest

  • Harvesting – Once a crop is ready, you will see it is fully mature. Click on it to harvest it and the item will land on the ground. You must click on these items when they are on the ground to add them to your inventory if you wish to sell them in the market or use them in a quest.
  • If you leave items on the ground, a game character may come along and eat the item or take it.
  • Note – You cannot purchase additional dirt plots in the game shop. These are unlocked in different locations as you level up and expand into more forest land.
  • Apple Trees – Click on apple trees to shake the fruit from them. More apples will regenerate over time.

Fantastic Forest

Instant Grow

  • You have the option to purchase “Instant grow” using your premium “Woobee” currency if you do not want to wait for the crop to mature. You can purchase instant grow for an individual dirt plot or an entire crop.

Fantastic Forest

Game Currency

Silver Coins

  • This is the basic game currency of which you earn by selling the items you grow, catch, and build in the game.
  • You are given four hundred silver coins when you start the game.

Fantastic Forest


  • This is the premium currency of the game and is seen as fireflies in a jar. You can use this currency to purchase the ability to instantly complete a task, such as growing a crop or crafting an item.
  • You will start out with twenty one “Woobees” when you begin the game: most of which is used in the tutorial. You will also earn more when you level up and complete certain quests.
  • Silver coins or Woobees may be purchased with real currency. You can access the currency menu by tapping on the “+”symbol along the currency indicator at the top left side of the game screen. The more you purchase, the less you will pay overall.
  • Purchases are done via Facebook in the form of Facebook credits, and purchases will be charged based on how you have set up payments with Facebook.
  • Prices of silver coin or Woobee bundles range from $4.90 to $49.90 USD. The larger the bundle you purchase, the better overall rate you will receive.

Fantastic Forest

Chopping Trees and Smashing Stones

  • Click on a tree and you will see a small menu appear showing how many clicks you need to remove it, which also shows how many logs you will earn from it. Usually this is five, but younger trees will yield smaller amounts.
  • Note – As soon as you totally remove a tree, another one will start to grow somewhere on your unlocked land.
  • Stones – Click on stones and your avatar character will use a jackhammer to break them into smaller stones. Again, they will land on the ground and you must click on them to add them to your inventory. You will use these to build structures as the game progresses.

Fantastic Forest

Fantastic Forest

Crafting items in Rose’s Caravan

  • Once Rose’s Caravan is unlocked, you will be able to craft various items over time. You must gather the items shown on the menu to the right.  Click on the item you wish you craft and you will see a countdown clock appear.
  • You may use premium “Woobies” at any time to purchase instant completion of the item.
  • Empty slots – As you level up, empty slots that serve as a queue will open up. You can have one item crafting and click on a second item which will appear in the open slot as the next item to be crafted. You must click on the completed item first before the second item begins its crafting phase. You will see a green arrow over the caravan once the item is completed, and once you click on the item it will move to the ground and you must click on it again to add it to your inventory to be sold or used in a quest as a gift.

Fantastic Forest

  • Crafting items in Nippy’s Lighthouse
  • Once you reach level seven in the game, you will unlock Nippy’s lighthouse. Here you will be able to craft items, unlocking new items with each new game level. These items will be used in quests and will be sold for coins and XP.

Fantastic Forest

Fantastic Forest

Food Storage

  • Once you are able to level up and unlock the food storage area, this becomes an important part of the game.
  • You have the capacity to add food to the storage unit to feed your unlocked animal characters.
  • Click on the storage unit and you will see your inventory of fruits, vegetables and fish along the bottom of the screen. Each item has a time associated with it. If you choose an item, its time will add to the clock above, feeding the forest animals for that amount of time. This clock is constantly counting down.
  • Rare fish add large amounts of time, and it is worth your time to try and gather as many fish as you can.

Fantastic Forest

Fishing/Purchasing Lures

  • Once you have unlocked the water, you will find that your avatar now has the ability to fish.
  • Purchase Lures – You will need to purchase lures using coins. There are three different types of lures you can purchase. Place your cursor over the lure to see what kinds of fish it will catch for you.

Fantastic Forest

Fantastic Forest

How to Fish

  • Click on the water to activate the fishing. When you see the four arrows appear, quickly click in that area. If you are too late, the fish will escape and you will lose that lure.
  • Next you will see a meter appear above your game character. The gauge moves left to right, and you will need to click on it two or three times while the needle is in the green area. Once you do this successfully a fish will be caught.
  • Each time you catch a new breed of fish a notification message will appear.  The more rare a fish, the more time it will contribute to the feeding of the unlocked animals of the forest, and the more coins and XP it will earn for you if you sell it in the market.
  • Fish will land on the ground once you catch them. Each fish is a different size and has a different value, even if they are the same breed. Be sure to click on the fish to add it to your inventory so you can apply it to food storage or sell it. If you leave it on the ground, an animal could come along and take it.

Fantastic Forest

Selling items in Helen’s Market Stall

  • One of the first tasks you will be able to complete is selling items in Helen the hippo’s market stall. Click on the stall to open the menu and you will see the items she wishes to purchase from you. These items will earn you coins and XP to help you level up faster.
  • Note there are several tabs that appear along the top showing different combinations of items she wishes to purchase. Once you know what she wants, you will want to go grow these items or fish for them. In the higher levels you will need to craft materials in the caravan and other locations. These items will sell for much higher amounts than items you grow.

Fantastic Forest

Purchasing Décor items from shop

  • Note the market in the center of the forest. You can click on this building or the shopping cart icon at the bottom right of the screen to access this area.
  • Purchasing décor items such as flowers, stone paths, and furniture for your avatar will increase the village rank. This is shown as the small red house at the top right of the game screen.

Fantastic Forest

Village Rank

  • As your rank increases, you will see your rank increase along the bottom of the screen among you and your neighbors. Note that the highest ranking player has a gold crown, the next a silver and bronze, and then you will see numerical rankings for all others.

Fantastic Forest

Game Quests

  • An important part of the game is following game quests. These are shown to you in story form, and some of them let you accept or decline them.
  • Icons will appear along the left side of the game screen. Click on these to see the quest requirements or hold your cursor over them to see a quick version.
  • You will be asked to do many types of things in the quests and they guide the game for you.
  • It is best to follow the quests and not to spend money unless it is required for the completion of a quest, or you will spend a lot of time waiting for your coins to build back up unless you are willing to purchase more.
  • Each time a quest if completed you will be rewarded with XP, coins, and sometimes items which can be used in future quests.

Fantastic Forest

Visiting Neighbors

  • Along the bottom of the screen you will see a list of your Facebook friends also playing the game. These friends are important as they will be able to send you daily gifts to help you complete various game quests.
  • You can click on any of your friends’ icons below to visit their forest. Here you can help them by clicking on trees, fertilizing crops, polishing buildings and so on. You can only help once every twenty four hours.
  • Neighbors visiting you – When you log into the game, you will be notified of any friends that have visited you. You will see a message over their avatar and you will have to accept the help that’s given.

XP – Experience Points

  • Each time you complete a task, purchase an item, or do anything in the game, you earn yellow XP stars. These are what determine how fast you level up in the game. There is an XP meter and level indicator at the top right corner of the game screen. When this meter fills up, you will level up to the next level. This will help you because it unlocks new items in the shop for you to purchase, as well as items you can grow or catch in the game.

Fantastic Forest

Expansion/Exploring new areas of the Forest

  • Areas that are shaded are locked out until you complete the required quest or find the required items to unlock it.
  • Click on an area to expand into it or explore it. There is no particular order, but you must unlock adjacent areas and cannot skip over areas. Once you choose an area to unlock, a menu will appear requiring you to find several items.  Some of these are items that friends can send to you, or you can use premium currency to purchase them. You may have to grow them or craft them, and these tasks can take quite a long time to complete.


  • Each time you unlock a new expansion, you will have some kind of building structure to complete. Look for building materials sitting around the forest as they will be used at some point to complete a structure.
  • Once you collect all the items needed, click on “Complete” or “Build” and you will see a curtain appear over the structure. You will then have to wait for the building to complete, or purchase instant completion with premium currency if you wish.

Fantastic Forest


  • Once you harvest a crop, chop down a tree; gather stones or other items that will land on the ground. You will need to click on the item to add it to your inventory. You will frequently find that your inventory is filled up, and you will need to invest in additional slots to keep it large enough to handle the items you will gather.
  • Click on the brown suitcase icon at the bottom right menu to open your inventory and use the arrows on each side to scroll through the items.

Fantastic Forest

Dropping inventory items

  • If you do not have enough space in your inventory but need to add items in order to sell them in the market, you can open the inventory and click on an item already inside to drop it to the ground. This will make room for items you need to sell or use for crafting if you can’t afford to increase your inventory maximum with coins.
  • If you drop items on the ground and leave the game, they may not be there when you return as animals can pick them up as gifts.

Game Tips/Additional Information

  • Upgrade your inventory maximum frequently. This can be done by purchasing increments of ten slots at a time by spending coins.
  • You will need to invite neighbors right away in order to gain items for quest completion. It is best to send requests out to all game friends each time the game allows you to, which will be every few hours.
  • Keep an eye on the market stall to see which items you should be growing and keep the crops growing at all times. You will need these items to craft as well.
  • Be sure to keep your animals happy and fed by keeping the food storage building full at all times. Keep an eye on the clock, which is also shown with a fork and knife icon at the lower right corner of the game screen. The more animals you have, the more food items you will need.


  • You have completed the basic quick start guide for Fantastic Forest by Wooga games. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo.

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