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Over and over the same nightmare is following you: your sister Anna is trapped in a strange existence, begging you to help her escape. But what if these are not just random nightmares? Worried and stressed, you drive to your parents' house only to find it hollow and cold. As you try to follow the hints and footsteps left by your sister, the distant memories of childhood are conjured around you, and your sister’s story of psychological trauma is revealed. As you make your way through one empty, dilapidated room after another, you realize that the once familiar home of your family is now a terrifying psychiatric asylum, and you have somehow entered another world: the doom reality of the Dark Lord. Will you be able to find your sister and bring her back from this horrible reality? Can you stop the Dark Lord?

Family Tales: The Sisters Review

May 23, 2013

Family Tales: The Sisters is a fairly typical hidden object adventure game that doesn’t break the mold in any respect. Its storyline follows a woman’s journey to rescue her twin sister, with said journey taking players through the real world and alternate dimensions via both magical and scientific means. While there’s some good to be found in Family Tales: The Sisters, every positive is offset by one (or more) problems.

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