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Stop a maniac’s murderous trail of fragrance and deception in European Mystery: Scent of Desire! You’ve barely settled into your retirement in the peaceful French countryside, when you receive an urgent request from Paris. Young women are disappearing in broad daylight, the authorities are baffled, and the person responsible is still on the loose! How could any able-bodied detective refuse such a case? Stay on scent of the murderer in this intriguing Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

European Mystery: Scent of Desire Review

Mar 18, 2013

As far as hidden object games go, European Mystery: Scent of Desire is something of a mixed bag. All told, it's a confounding blend of tired narrative ideas and innovative puzzles and its developers play fast and loose with period references (in it you'll see Medieval plague doctor outfits, 18th century tri-corn hats and early 20th century Gibson girls). Despite its cavalier attitude toward historical accuracy however, it remains an impressive and worthwhile hidden object game. 

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