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Build your own University and recruit the best athletes to challenge your rivals! Construct everything from Dorms & Classrooms to huge Sports Stadiums! Will you be revered for creating the best University, or will you be crushed by the competition?

Playdom's Social City and ESPNU shutting down in December

Nov 23, 2011

Playdom has announced that two of its older games will shut down next month. Both Social City and ESPNU College Town will go offline on December 20.

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Playdom escapes Facebook; games available through new portal

Apr 15, 2011

Wild Ones and City of Wonder
Despite releasing two impressive Facebook games in the past month, Deep Realms and Gardens of Time, Playdom seems to want to escape Facebook. The Disney-owned developer has opened its very own games portal on the Playdom website through which fans can play their favorite Playdom games outside of Facebook, Gamezebo reports.

Why the change? Well, Playdom isn't the first developer to mention freedom from Facebook as a goal. It could be the reduced viral channels on Facebook. However, the 30 percent cut that Facebook is about to take from all games on the platform this July is a far more likely motivator. Unfortunately, playing on the site does not even use Facebook Connect, meaning you'll have to start all over.

Forget about continuing that thriving empire in City of Wonder here, you'll be back at square one through the Playdom portal. How Playdom will convince its existing player base to migrate over at the expense of their well-invested Facebook accounts is yet to be seen. At the moment, only City of Wonder and Wild Ones are available for play through the portal, but expect more to come if this experiment blows over well.

[Image Credit: Playdom]

Would you abandon your Playdom games on Facebook to play them directly through Playdom? How successful do you think this Facebook escape attempt will be? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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Ravenwood Fair digs in with upcoming Ravenstone Mine expansion

Mar 25, 2011

ravenwood fair ravenwood mine

Ravenwood Fair, the cutesy Facebook game where you (as an animal dressed in medieval garb) play proprietor to a woodsy fair will soon be exploring new depths. LOLApps is planning a new expansion to the game called Ravenstone Mine that will be arriving in several weeks, and it will take you on a journey far beneath the fair.
ravenwood fair ravenrock mine monstersWorking in the mine will apparently be similar to working the fair -- with a few distinct differences. The items you find in the earthen underbelly will be different than those that you find in the above ground. There will be different items for the different areas, i.e. flowers won't grow in the mines, and tracks and carts won't be available in the fair. Also, when you work in the mine you'll be more likely to wrack up experience points faster and, when you work the fair, you'll gain energy faster.

The big challenge with this expansion is that no matter where you work, you'll still have to use the same energy pool (every move you make in the game requires energy) -- so you'll have to think more strategically about what kind of game you want to play. Basically, you'll now have a choice to be what I'm pre-emptively naming an "Earther" -- someone who prefers to work the Fair and have more energy -- or an 'Under-Earther" - someone who sticks to the mines to gain experience and level up as quickly as possible. Or, if you're like me, you might try to hang out somewhere in the middle.

Anyway, an expansion would do Ravenwood Fair some good. According to AppData, players have been dropping off little by little over the past few weeks (even though it still has a sizeable audience of 11 million players per month), so a whole new underground area to explore might be just what the game needs to keep current Ravenwooders interested, and convince new players to visit and stay for a while.

[Via Inside Social Games]

Do you play Ravenwood Fair? What do you think of the upcoming expansion? Sound off in the comments below. Add comment.


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ESPNU College Town: ESPN Arcade Skeeball brings Carniball to school

Nov 30, 2010

ESPN Arcade Carniball
While arcades can only be found in random malls and shore towns since their downfall in the 90s, Playdom and ESPN are trying their damnedest to keep the arcade spirit alive. Well, at least on Facebook with the new ESPN Arcade Skeeball item in ESPNU College Town. The second in a series of three ESPN Arcade items, this Skeeball game is absolutely free and can be obtained through the news section your game by clicking the button below the news story.

From there, you'll be taken to a new page, asking you to click a link to redeem your brand spankin' new arcade game. Do this and you'll be launched back into ESPNU College Town with a confirmation message. Just click "Continue" and you can find the item in your gift inventory, ready to join QB Assault in an arcade pool party.

But don't think that's all there is to this item. Like QB Assault, clicking on the Skeeball item gives players the option of playing Carniball on ESPN Arcade. Another game of precision, Carniball tasks players with "throwing" the wooden balls by clicking to grab the ball and releasing at just the right time and speed to ensure points. Now, you have ESPN Arcade to thank for not one, but two ways to kill time while waiting around to collect from those properties and maintain those venues.

What do you think of the next ESPN Arcade game to make it into ESPNU College Town? What do you think will be the third in the series? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.


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ESPNU College Town: Play Lacrosse in District 4 thanks to update

Nov 29, 2010

Optometrist, Music Shop and more
Well, not literally, but you get the point. Playdom has finally unlocked District 4 for expansion in a recent update to ESPNU College Town. Players now have even more room to put all their stuff and, more importantly, fit more venues thanks to the new space. Also included in the update was Lacrosse, a new Soccer venue event that will operate much like other sports events, but again without new All Stars.

New Entertainment buildings added to the game include the Optometrist, Music Shop, Cemetery and Campground--all of which either grant coins per hour or School Spirit. The first two both cost 8 Campus Cash while the last two both go for 10 Campus Cash, which amounts to $2 and $2.50, respectively. However, the next two changes we're about to mention might be more exciting than any new content. First, Playdom has finally added the ability to move and remove roads easily. Now, all you need to do is click on the road to either move it somewhere else or remove it entirely.

Second is the Save State option. Located underneath the screen shot icon, this allows you to save then game after queuing a long list of actions like collecting from properties or adding more students. What this does is force the game to sync with Playdom's servers immediately, ensuring that none of your recent actions are undone in an unfortunate crash. This isn't a complete fix, but hey, at least this gives us an option other than, say, throwing our laptops out the window.

What do you think of the recent changes to ESPNU College Town? What else do you think needs changing? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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ESPNU College Town: ESPN Arcade QB Assault brings twice the game

Nov 22, 2010

QB Assault
ESPN is integrating ESPNU College Town into nearly every facet of its online presence, so it would only make sense that ESPN Arcade is next in line. To help get the word out about ESPN's games hub, Playdom has introduced ESPN Arcade QB Assault to the game. A football tossing arcade game, this decoration would rest perfectly beside your ESPN SportsNation Pool Party.

To nab this limited edition item, all you need to do is click here: http://espn.go.com/free-online-games/sports/espnucollegetown2010?ex_cid=collegetown_fanpage_to_landing

From there, just follow the instructions in the green text box and you should be redirected to your own campus. You'll see a notice reading, "Congratulations! Your Promotional Code has been validated." Click "Continue," and your exclusive gift should be in your gift inventory, ready to bring some fun to your campus. And how fun it is! Clicking on the item within your game will send you to the actual ESPN Arcade game, QB Assault, which couldn't be a more fitting time killer while you wait for your events to tick down. The question is, however, can you play two games at once (probably)?

How do you like this new promotional item from ESPN? What other ESPN properties would you like to see make their way into ESPNU? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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ESPNU College Town Swimming Update brings waves of change

Nov 22, 2010

Players itching to dip their feet into a real pool finally have their chance thanks to Playdom's most recent update to ESPNU College Town. Swimming is finally a collegiate sport in the game with a new venue, though again no new All Stars have been added. While it seems that for now the primary college sports will be football, basketball, baseball, softball and soccer, there is still reason to include this venue as it'll serve as a constant source of income much like the Track and Field venue.

Events currently include just standard swim meets for each division, but yield a good amount of coins and XP. Also included in the update is Field Hockey as a sport, though it's basically an extra set of events for the Soccer venue. For the activist crowd, a Political Rally event has been added to the Football venue that costs 8,250 coins and provides 10,800 coins and 30 XP over three hours for Level 30 players.

Find even more changes after the break.

Entomology Dept.
The Entomology Department has been added to the available list of Academia for those creepy bug lovers (kidding...sort of). Higher level Entertainment buildings have been added including:

  • Book Department Store (16,500 coins): 66 XP and 312 coins every two hours
  • Laundromat (7,750 coins): 31 XP and 33 coins every seven minutes
  • Diner (13,500 coins): 54 XP and 210 coins every hour
  • Auto Body Shop (11,250 coins): 45 XP and 47 coins every 20 minutes

Also included in this massive update is a slew of decorations including a Pennant Fountain, Flag Courtyard and Banner Pedestal that will display your school's colors with each costing 20,000 coins. Also, the Premium Stadiums now offer a School Spirit bonus as well as premium events that can dish out double the return of normal stadiums. And finally, the random factor of Challenges has been completely removed, leaving it purely up to stats to decide matches, which will surely be both a good and bad thing. Check out the forums for more information on this update and start practicing that backstroke.

What do you think of the new changes and additions to ESPNU? Which will you be taking advantage of first and what else would you like to see changed? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.


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ESPNU College Town: Giant Thanksgiving turkey terrorizes campus

Nov 17, 2010

Thanksgiving TurkeyNo, don't run. Go get the basters and a fire pit going--stat! A massive turkey can be seen terrorizing campuses everywhere in ESPNU College Town. We imagine he's a mittle miffed about the Thanksgiving Feasts popping up. The most recent update also added some cheerful animations to the otherwise dead Thanksgiving items that were recently released.

In other (less exciting) news, Playdom fixed the Spirit calculation made on the post-Challenge screen to accurately display only the Spirit gained in the district it took place rather than the whole campus. We hope that issue wasn't a deal breaker for some players. Also included in the update is (a little more exciting, we promise) the ability to send friends a Gameday Challenge Gift, which gives your lucky friends another Challenge to pummel you in Football with. Wait, that's not how it supposed to work...

Find the rest of our Thanksgiving coverage right here.

What do you think of this game update? Does it make the Thanksgiving items any more appealing? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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ESPNU College Town Thanksgiving items bring the comforts of home

Nov 15, 2010

Harvest Time!
Everyone's favorite day to stuff their faces with turkey and watch hours of football is almost here and Playdom wouldn't let ESPNU College Town go hungry. In fact, it's the game that won't the people go hungry with its new Thanksgiving-theme items like the Food Drive. A decoration that costs only 6 Campus Cash, or about $2, the Food Drive will provide your campus with 300 Happiness and 150 XP while doing your university some good.

Other items include the Thanksgiving Feast, which provide 750 Happiness and 375 XP. The Harvest Festival and Fall Football decoration will grant the same rewards and add some much needed fall flavor to your campus grounds. However, each of these three items costs a hefty 15 Campus Cash, or about $4, so it's up to you if keeping the giving spirit alive is worth the dough. Either way, enjoy the festivities in ESPNU your own way. Even if that means playing a boatload of Football Challenges on the big day with some hot cider and turkey by your side. Actually, that sounds like a good idea right now.

Find the rest of our Thanksgiving 2010 coverage right here.

What are your thoughts on the new Thanksgiving items in ESPNU? Which will you be picking up to celebrate Turkey Day? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.


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ESPNU College Town runs Track and Field, fixes Challenges (again)

Nov 15, 2010

Track and Field

Track and Field EventThe original sports have made their way into ESPNU College Town in a recent update. Players can now build a Track and Field venue for their university, opening up several events in all divisions such as the eight-hour-long Track and Field for Junior Varsity (pictured). However, this venue doesn't come with any new All Stars, which might be due to the fact that these sports are more focused on individual bests than team competitive play. Not to mention that many athletes in sports like Soccer and Baseball also dabble in Track and Field while in college, leaving room for the same All Stars. These All Stars--and Track Challenges--could be added at a later date, but don't hold your breath.

Also in the update are some changes to Challenges for the better (and possibly worst). Challenge results now depend more on All Star statistics than ever before, though Fans and School Spirit still modify those stats, which could spell doom for the more frugal players. Experience points gained are now clearly explained in the results page while the amount of experience is now directly tied to the number of cards played in a given Challenge. This change was probably introduced to make playing multiple-card Challenges more worthwhile. Since Playdom changed the experience gained for beating down on lower players, now defeating players of a higher level than you results in more experience for the little guys. Lastly, the amount of plays your All Stars have left has been made clearer, if there was any confusion before.

All in all, this update brought many more changes to the game's mechanics than content, which for some might be better than yet another set of All Stars.

But we want to hear what you think about it. Do you like these changes? What other changes would you like to see in the game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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