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Uncover a dark scheme in Entwined: Strings of Deception and solve an elaborate murder mystery! Play the role of detective Karla Robbins and interview the different suspects of a grisly murder. Search the Edward family mansion and question the late Christopher Edward’s wife, butler, housemaid, and even his physician in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Find the murderer and discover their motive in Entwined: Strings of Deception!

Entwined: Strings of Deception Review

Mar 16, 2012

It's not good when the first thing you do upon starting a game is sigh. The first thirty seconds of Entwined: Strings of Deception definitely had that unfortunate effect on me as I clapped eyes on the intro cutscene's uninspired 3D graphics. I knew then that the most I could hope for during the next few hours was, well, not fun really, but perhaps a modest diversion. How I wish I wasn't so good at making these kinds of predictions.

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Entwined: Strings of Deception Walkthrough

Mar 16, 2012

Welcome to Entwined: Strings of Deception walkthrough on Gamezebo. Entwined: Strings of Deception is a hidden object adventure game played on the PC created by Urchin Games. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide for how to complete Entwined: Strings of Deception.

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