solution to the right screen and the frozen cursor problem

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solution to the right screen and the frozen cursor problem

these worked for me: If the game opens to the right part of the screen only, press the key with the windows logo and then maximize it again and it should be fine.If the game cursor freezes and your normal one appears and moves around try this change the settings in windowed mode and when it freezes just click on the top part of the window, sorry I dont know what it's called the headline shall we say and move the window a bit and the game cursor comes back to life. Good luck hope it works for you too,saw a lot of complaints in the big fish forum

Hi papitsa... thank you for the useful tips...!!


I just want to tell you something... please excause me as I am not trying to correct you and just sharing an information here that if you hit windows key it will definately minimize your game as it will open start menu but if you do that few time it may crash your computer or may hang it, instead you would like to use the safe approcach which is made solely for this purpose i.e. you press "alt+tab" it will take you to your desktop as this keyboard command is made for this purpose...!!

Frolic, thank you. I needed that info. So glad you're around and so knowledgeable.

You are always more than welcome dear Pup...Smile

isn't the windows button made to take you to the desktop?


No Papitsa its to open start menu... when you have nothing running on computer just hit that and start menu will pop up...!!


And if you'll press "D" with it, it will minimize all tabs to show desktop...!!

and that way it work with many other keys to perform different functions....!!

I mean the windows key on the keyboard not on the screen but I'll remember that thanks


Yes I am as well talking about the windows key on the key board only...!!

You cannot see a windows key on the screen if the game is running in the firrst place so we both are talking about keyboard windows key...!!

sorry you wrote "click"  and confused me, anyway the cursor thing works every time just keep it windowed.Good game huh?

Oh LOL sorry about that....Smile I edited that so that nobody else get confused ....LOL

Yes its a nice game and I am able to play it so far without and problem or without a walkthrough, going quite easily... is it same for you too?

yes no need for a walkthrough,I got obsessed with the e cards though I wanna collect them all ,those can be a bit tricky to find sometimes. Actually I always get obsessed with side missions like the bluebirds in the dream day wedding series