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User review by revengeoftheblackcat


I loved this game! The hidden object scenes and the puzzles were a lot of fun to play in this game. Another bonus was the artwork in the game and the peculiar plot. However I just wished the game was a bit longer and for some parts of the game plot to be explained but otherwise the Empress of the Deep is a great buy!

User review by amyy zhu


Pretty good. Interesting. One of the games I liked & enjoyed but I wouldn't play it twice.

User review by everoby


good game

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User review by aitchie


This game is probably quite a nice one for people new to adventure HOG, but for those who have played a few you might find it disappointing.

The scenes are not that well drawn so its quite hard to spot some of the HOG items.

There are a few puzzles thrown in and hence you wander around and collect a few things to use different places, but not much. There is quite a bit of wandering around to do.

Overall ok, but I finished it in just a couple of hours.

User review by pwrgrl


This would be a good introductory game to new players of adventure/HOGs. There’s a good blend of HOG areas, adventure elements and semi-easy puzzles to solve. The graphics are decent if not stellar as compared to most games being released today. The HOG scenes are muddy and may be a problem for anyone with sight challenges. There are items to gather as you travel to help you solve puzzles and it’s easy to figure out where to use what you collect as the game plays fairly linearly. The puzzles give any new player a look at a good variety of the typical brainteasers.

The music/ambient sounds add to the strange atmosphere without being distracting and the voiceovers are decent and you’re able to skip it if you get bored of listening (which I did). There is a journal tracking your clues with an unfortunately non-interacting map which would have come in handy.

The storyline isn’t necessarily groundbreaking but it’s certainly presented in a unique way. It’s easy to determine who the “good” vs “bad” guy is but it’s worth playing along anyway. I picked this game up on sale through BFG and found it a decent couple of hours of gameplay but have a feeling I would have enjoyed it more if I were newer to these types of games (and hadn’t recently been supremely challenged by Raincliff). I’m off to try the sequel with hope they’ve improved on a solid base. 3.5 stars.

User review by sotong


Very nice game! I totally enjoyed it. Beautiful graphics and the story was really interesting. It had a good mixture of hidden objects, inventories and plenty of puzzles/mini games to solve. Some were easy and some were medium difficulty. The only puzzle I got stuck was placing the queen chess pieces on the chess board. Voice acting were fine and wasn't over the top and therefore not annoying. Conversations were kept to minimal and thus avoiding tediousness or being long-winded. I loved the theme and especially the unique intriguing underwater world.

Really fun game. Looking forward to playing the sequel.

User review by HOGlover


Other than being visually great, I don't see what all the fuss is about with this game. While I don't like to be hand-held through a game, I also don't like being left completely alone and that is what this game does. You ask for help outside of a hidden object scene and all it does is take you to the map and tell you where you are - wow, THAT was helpful, thanks for nothing! I already knew where I was, but I was standing around like an idiot without a clue as to how to proceed - what fun!! The only saving grace for this game, for me, is the "area cleared" when you're finished in a place. I wish more games had this feature!! Also, there are so many places on the map, yet you can't just jump to a scene, and so I found the navigation frustrating.The voice acting is slow and you can't hurry it along, yet if you don't want to miss the storyline, you have no choice but to sit through it. Nope, not a game I'm glad I spent money on, but will finish it out of principle.

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User review by Grezelda


I liked it. Perhaps being that I'm not that great at games swayed my review to YAY! OH, doesn't the icon or avatar or whatever it's called look like Raquel Welch? ANYWAY...I thought it was pretty, certainly not incredibly difficult and even tho' there was a lot of "traveling" I found it entertaining, forgiving and FUN~

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User review by nancyb


Okay, the graphics are kind of grainy, which sometimes gave this a tough find factor, but I managed.

(I don't know what it is with me and water games, but I seem to gravitate towards them.)

Anyway, this was fun, as I was immersed in the whole atmosphere of being underwater inside a giant dome. Running around to different places (including that gazebo with the lightning, yeow!), and deciphering the mini-puzzles was quite fun.

Although the graphics aren't up to MCF standards (for which I deducted a point), I was actually able to finish most of the mini-puzzles. And it looks as if a sequel is planned, which I would love to see sometime soon! :-)

User review by staytoplay


The game kept you involved. The graphics good. I enjoyed it and will play again.

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