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Eat Eat Hooray! Review

Mar 18, 2013

At some time or another, all of us fantasize about stripping naked, jumping into a birthday cake the size of a bungalow, and then eating our way out. But cake-dives typically don’t work out in real life: Aside from running the risk of being pulled in for public indecency, chances are good that you’d manage maybe ten mouthfuls of cake before your stomach started violently (and messily) rejecting all that frosting. Leave the reckless eating to the Morps, the tubby stars of the adorable town building/action game Eat Eat Hooray!

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Eat Eat Hooray! Preview

Dec 21, 2012

Many of us are kind of self-conscious about our weight. We pick, we nibble, and we “couldn’t possibly eat another bite,” when in actuality we could happily stuff our faces into a black forest chocolate cake and eat our way out. With everyone being so finicky about their food, it’s nice to see an iOS game that celebrates eating. It’s even called Eat Eat Hooray! Yes! We agree! Hooray for sustenance! 

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