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Dungeon Raid is a M3 survivor game. You keep playing until you die . . . and you WILL die, multiple times, as you’ll find it hard to pull away from the game. I’m playing on an Android smart phone.
Frankly, I’m rather surprised at myself for liking this game so much. I don’t care for timed games because I don’t like losing lives. This game (not timed) encourages you to keep playing by providing upgrades to your inventory of weapons, charms, and armor whenever you can afford to purchase them (and possess a level high enough to use them), and by making you think that THIS time, you will defeat those maddening monsters, however many come at you at once. You chain coins to gather more money, swords to bolster you defenses, blood to increase your health, and monsters or monsters with swords to kill the enemy.
The battle is turn-based, sort of—you play unfettered until an enemy appears on the board. If you don’t wipe it/them out, you wait for an attack before playing. The enemy hoard is represented by the game pieces rather than by a single opponent, and you never get to “leave” to go on location as in Puzzle Quest and Mean Girls. No, this game relentlessly immerses you in the heart of battle where it’s kill or be killed! There’s no respite: You will receive upgrades on the fly and will play until you lose—period. The victory horn that sounds whenever you level up is gratifying. The sound effects are appropriately evocative of battle. Changing gameplay, such as trying challenge mode (which I haven’t done yet) will start a new game, automatically erasing any in progress, so it’s best to wait until after you’ve lost the game before attempting challenge mode or replaying the tutorial. Fortunately, the option to save the game on exit is available lest the player lose by default on account of real-world exhaustion or starvation!
My thanks to the GZ reviewer who brought this game to my attention.

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