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Duckers Review

Jun 1, 2012

In my preview for Duckers, I sang developer Retro Dreamer’s praises as the bonafide Atari of the App Store. I made no secret of my love for the indie duo’s previous projects, and shared my high hopes for their, shall we say, down to earth marathon title. Now that they’ve released it into the wild, the only question is: what’s more embrassing? The fact that I was dead wrong about this one, or the fact that I actually loved it and you believed me there for a second?

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Duckers Preview

May 24, 2012

If the App Store is indeed “the new arcade,” then Retro Dreamer is an aspiring Atari. The two man team from L.A., artist Craig Sharpe and programmer Gavin Bowman have consistently knocked it out of the park with addictive retro-inspired experiences for the new era. Since their latest release Velocispidercatapulted them to notability, the indie duo has had many chomping at the bit for more. I’m happy to report you can stop that gnashing and say hello to Duckers.

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