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Game development by A&E Networks and RED Games, a division of RED Interactive Agency
The official mobile game of America’s #1 reality television series, Duck Dynasty, is now available exclusively in the App Store! Its time to ditch your yuppie status and join Duck Dynasty’s Quack Pack, Jack!
Battle of the Beards tests your reflexes and drops you feet first into the Louisiana backwoods to compete in the Robertson family’s favorite redneck activities. Master sets of rapid-fire micro-challenges, unlocking gear and earning points along the way, to prove you got what it takes to grow a beard as long as your favorite Duckmen.
As you play, your character will go from a Bluetooth-earpiece-wearing, clean-shaven, businessman, to a fully camouflaged, long-haired, bandana-wearing redneck with a beard that would even make Phil jealous.
Can you keep up as the pace increases? Or will you be left in the dust as the heat turns up? Download Battle of the Beards today and show the world what your beard is made of!
Special Game Features Include:
• Exciting gameplay based on memorable moments from Duck Dynasty.
• Hunt ducks, eat chilies, blow up beaver dams and more.
• 15+ highly-repeatable, addicting mini-games.
• Create your very own customizable redneck character.
• Level up, grow your beard and unlock manly gear.
• Stylize your own redneck character with accessories from the Redneck store.
• With over 100 items and attributes in the Redneck store to choose from, thousands of unique character combinations exist.
• Snap photos of your redneck character and share them with friends on Facebook!
• Listen to your favorite quotes from the acclaimed series.
• Too tough for you in the bayou? Turn on Game Hints for a little aid in keeping up with the Robertsons.

Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards Review

Oct 29, 2013

Duck Dynasty is now the most-watched non-fiction series in cable TV history, and the reason for that is a charismatic quartet by the name of Robertson. The Robertson family became millionaires thanks to their Duck Commander duck calls, and this month family patriarch Phil, his brother Si, and sons Willie and Jase become immortal in a silly but diverting little iPad game called appropriately, Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards.

As you might imagine, Battle of the Beards isn't exactly the video game equivalent of A Tale of Two Cities. In fact, its modest collection of absurd mini-games makes it closer to a hairy version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but nonetheless, it's entertaining. The game starts by having you customize your own bland yuppie character: a plain old clean-shaven guy with short hair and a white t-shirt. After this, you're thrown into a series of mini-games, starting at intensity level 1.

Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards

Naturally, these are all related to Duck Dynasty, so there's one that shows open company boxes gliding by on a conveyor belt, waiting for you to tape them up. Other games want you to scrub back and forth on the touch screen either to dye the beard of the image-conscious Willie or to wake Si up from an afternoon nap. There's a whole range of redneck activities like catching frogs and fish, shooting ducks, squirrels, and bucks, tossing hot chili peppers into Jase's mouth (or donuts into Si's), putting on Phil's hunting war paint, or blowing up hunting blinds and beaver dams. There's even a game that tests your ability to tell the difference between tasty wild berries and nasty raccoon droppings. It's not, as they say, “rocket science.” Battle of the Beards is a collection of extremely simple activities, some of which take literally five seconds to perform.

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