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Build your own skyscraper in Dream Heights by Zynga!
· Outbuild world famous landmarks: The Statue of Liberty!...The Golden Gate!... A Giant Monster!
· Create a Skybridge and go shopping with friends!
· Open cozy apartments for your citizens. Discover dozens of amazing stores.
· Give your residents fun jobs and start bringing in the money!

Dream Heights Walkthrough

Feb 21, 2012

Dream Heights is a tower building simulation game from Zynga for mobile devices. Building a tower for people to live in, along with places for them to work, shop and eat. Making sure you have the best tower in town could be difficult, but with Gamezebo’s quick start guide you’ll have all the tips, tricks and walkthroughs you need to get ahead of the competition.

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Zynga put Tiny Tower in a photocopier, Nimblebit noticed

Jan 24, 2012

Earlier today we brought exciting news from the Great White North – Zynga had released two brand new games on the Canadian App Store, and one of them seemed to be in the same vein as Tiny Tower. Since that time I’ve had a chance to go hands on with Dream Heights, and it turns out that it’s less “the same vein” and more “blatant plagiarism.”

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Zynga releases two unannounced games to the Canadian App Store

Jan 24, 2012

Zynga’s big push into mobile gained a little more steam today, as the social giant released not one, but two previously unannounced games to the Canadian App Store. Mobile gamers in the Great White North can pull out their iPhone right now and snag Dream Heights and Dream PetHouse.

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