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By Mike Thompson | May 20, 2011 |

Racing fans, start your line drawing!

2009's DrawRace was one of those great hits that seemed to come out of nowhere, combining fast-paced racing action with the charming graphics and the gameplay mechanics of Flight Control. Now two years later, we're finally getting a sequel; not only is DrawRace 2 going to feature a lot more content and visual polish, but it looks like it could be even more fun than the first game.

The basic idea to the game is pretty simple: players still draw out the race path that their cars will take. The speed of the player's finger determines the speed of the car and, after the drawing is finished, they can then watch the care race along the line that's been drawn.

Varying the draw speed is essential for a successful race, as it's necessary to control the drift and skid of cars as they round the corners. As a result, a fair amount of strategy and precision is needed to actually beat the game's numerous levels.

The new game has a number of improvements over its predecessor: it now has five different race types, including stock cars, formula, and rally races. On top of that, there will be a new world league, 180 different career challenges, 3D-rendered race tracks (in fact, the sequel is set to include some huge graphic improvements over the original DrawRace), and a new turbo feature. There's even going to be a multiplayer mode with support for up to four players.

DrawRace 2

DrawRace 2

DrawRace 2

DrawRace 2 is due out sometime in June, though RedLynx and Chillingo are keeping quiet on any further details. The game will be playable on both the iPhone and iPad, though whether or not the latter is going to receive a specific HD version remains to be seen.

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