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DrawRace 2 Review

Sep 6, 2011

When DrawRace came out all the way back in 2009, I instantly fell in love with it. Combining line drawing and strategy with top down racing was a formula that just couldn’t be beat. And yet for all the fun I had with DrawRace, there was no denying that it felt like a fairly barebones package. Almost as if it were a brilliant idea, but nobody had bothered to flesh it out beyond their initial stroke of genius. DrawRace 2, it would seem, addresses my complaint nicely.

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DrawRace 2 Preview

May 20, 2011

2009's DrawRace was one of those great hits that seemed to come out of nowhere, combining fast-paced racing action with the charming graphics and the gameplay mechanics of Flight Control. Now two years later, we're finally getting a sequel; not only is DrawRace 2 going to feature a lot more content and visual polish, but it looks like it could be even more fun than the first game.

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