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Lead a band of heroes, conquer barbaric rivals, slay medieval beasts, and build the greatest Kingdom in the land! Join forces with other players and compete for control of the Dragon Realms!

Find and train a party of heroes, and set off on a quest to defeat power-hungry rivals, slay bosses and bestial threats, and grow your kingdom. Create guild alliances to further strengthen your standing until you rule all throughout Dragon Realms!


• Free-to-play medieval RPG fantasy game
• Collect heroes and lead a party in your crusade for the crown
• Form guilds to divide, conquer, and dominate
• Face off against other player parties in battle
• Capture and absorb rival heroes for strength
• Discover items of legendary power
• Fight in ongoing events of epic proportions

Dragon Realms Preview

Oct 2, 2013

GREE’s upcoming title Dragon Realms is visually fluid. Seriously, I could spend an hour just watching enemies marching around on the screen (and when I’m done writing, I may very well do that). The latest entry in GREE’s RPG+ franchise looks to further blend simplicity and depth. Slick visuals, tons of single player content, and an emphasis on guild play drive the title forward as we near its launch.

Guilds were one of the biggest points of emphasis when we spoke to GREE earlier this week. In many mobile and free-to-play games, guilds and alliances are just there. Developers seem to put them into the game because players expect to have the option to join a guild, even if nothing of value results from the opportunity. While guild-based quests and events are nothing out of the ordinary, GREE is making a few moves that add to the traditional guild functions.

Dragon Realms

One of the neatest functions is the inclusion of guild bonuses. Guilds have a list of bonuses that can be purchased to better support the team and its members. When a member has enough gold, he or she can purchase a bonus. These bonuses range from increasing the maximum number of guild members to increasing the effectiveness of certain character skills. These power-ups and abilities aim to help players tackle events.

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