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Revolutionary turn-based PvP action game for the real warriors. Be a man, fight like a man, play Dominator!

Dominator Review

Jan 8, 2013

I don't think any other Facebook game has thrown me into the action so quickly as Dominator. No tutorials pop up with cartoony military types barking out orders, no floating arrows indicating crucial actions mar the interface; instead, within seconds, Dominator tosses you into the gridded battlefield with soldiers on both sides already in place. It reveals its debts to turn-based games like Final Fantasy and Might & Magic as early as the first move, and it flaunts its focus on challenge as the opposing team starts to mow down your preset jarheads. It may even be possible to lose that first firefight.

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Dominator Preview

Nov 6, 2012

Imagine it is the future. Possibly a very grim, dark future with lots of violence and partial nudity. Would humanity band together and strive to live in the smoggy, poisoned environment? Would we scratch together and pool our meager supplies in hopes of surviving for as long as possible? No! We’d grab whatever ammunition remained and pick one another off to become the lord (or lady) of Earth’s dwindling resources! For a grim preview of what your future holds, consult Dominator, a turn-based strategy game for Facebook.

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