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Diamond Dash is a 60 second gem rush: click colorful gems, unleash magic diamonds and compete with your friends!

Diamond Dash unveils league system

Sep 19, 2013

Taking advantage of the amazing new features of iOS 7, Wooga has unveiled today a new global league system update for their popular gem-matching game, Diamond Dash. The announcement marks Diamond Dash as being the very first arcade game to incorporate a global multiplayer league system, in which you’ll be able to compete against 173 million other players from all over the world, to find out just who’s the best at matching those gems.

Here’s how the new global league system in Diamond Dash is going to work: players will first work their way through the beginning Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues, before moving their gem-rushing skills up the ladder to compete in the prestigious Diamond League. The system will also match players against each other according to their own personal skill, and the leagues are also said to provide cross-platform support on both iPhone and iPad, for the 33 million players who have downloaded the game on iOS since its initial App Store release in December of 2011.


And since this is a worldwide event we’re talking about here, Wooga has also given us a few global statistics about where Diamond Dash players stand so far. For instance, the player with the best average score currently lives in the Vatican City, while the players who blast the most gems per round typically seem to be from Taiwan and Austria. So will you be starting up your own Diamond Dash league this week and putting your country on the gem-matching map? Be sure to let us know down in the replies!

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King.com CEO Riccardo Zacconi on the importance of social connectivity in games (Casual Connect)

Jul 25, 2012

King.com CEO Riccardo Zacconi’s talk at this year’s Casual Connect revolved primarily around how best to create a compelling multi-platform experience. And he wasn’t just preaching the importance of ports, either. In his eyes, if you want additional control over how long people play your game and how much they spend, you’d better weave in some kind of social features or cross-platform play.


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Wooga removing their games from Google+ on July 1

Jun 11, 2012

Although they’ve been there since the launch of the games service for Google+, Wooga will be removing their games from the platform come July 1st. It should come as no surprise that a lack of users is the catalyst for the removal, a problem the social network has struggled with since day one.

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Diamond Dash finally hits mobile with iOS release

Dec 7, 2011

Wooga's hit Facebook puzzler Diamond Dash has finally made its way to the App Store. Originally slated for a summer mobile release, the iOS version of the match-3 game is now available for free to players in 120 different countries.

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Interview: wooga's fun games make for fast growth

Aug 25, 2011

Earlier this year wooga, the developer behind social games like Bubble Island and Magic Land, announced that it had become the fourth biggest game developer on Facebook. Currently wooga boasts more than 30 million monthly active users between all of its games. Not only that, but the developer was one of the launch partners with Google+ games and has plans to bring Diamond Dash to mobile phones, expanding its reach even further. Gamezebo spoke with wooga CEO Jens Begemann about the company's quick rise and where it hopes to move in the future.

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Diamond Dash dashing on to mobile phones this summer

Jul 20, 2011

After becoming one of the largest game developers on Facebook thanks to hits like Bubble Island and Monster World, Wooga has now set its sites on the mobile space. And it all starts with Diamond Dash, which is due to hit both the iPhone and iPad later this summer.

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Diamond Dash developer Wooga raises $24 million

May 31, 2011

It wasn't that long ago that Wooga announced that it had become the largest Facebook developer in Europe, and now the company is looking to grow even larger, thanks to a $24 million investment from Highland Capital Partners.

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Wooga tops 20 million users, now fourth biggest game developer on Facebook

Apr 12, 2011

Social game developer Wooga has announced that it has topped the 20 million monthly active user level, which not only makes it Europe's biggest social game developer, but also the fourth largest on Facebook worldwide.

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Diamond Dash Review

Mar 23, 2011

Bejeweled Blitz set a trend for arcade puzzlers on Facebook, giving players one-minute bursts of match-3 gameplay that proved to be massively popular. Now Wooga, already with several solid puzzle games to its name, is attempting to emulate that formula with Diamond Dash. It’s a solid and enjoyable effort, though it’s definitely lacking when it comes to options.

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Diamond Dash Preview

Mar 16, 2011

Developer Wooga certainly knows how to make a great puzzle game on Facebook, as anyone who has spent time with the incredibly addictive and charming Bubble Island can attest to. And today Wooga has launched its latest game on Facebook, the macth-3 puzzler Diamond Dash.

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