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In Destiny Stone you must help Penelope Pearl save Nassaria from the evil God of Destruction! Explore a beautiful fantasy world in this free anime roleplaying adventure game. Learn magic spells, craft items, make friends and go on romantic dates as you unlock the game's engaging storyline.

Destiny Stone Review

Nov 26, 2010

Destiny Stone is one of the most extraordinary games on Facebook. It completely eschews Facebook's love affair with timer-based management sims to offer players a 2D side-scrolling platformer with combat, RPG stat progression, an equipment system, and an item crafting system as deep as anything you'd find in a console game. There's even a story-based plotline to follow with characters you can recruit and optional little dialog sequences to unlock. Where most Facebook games expect you to pay for the right to play it for hours on end, Destiny Stone is content to let you play as much as you like.

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