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User review by greengem418


Not the best i've played in recent months, but definitely not the worst. The structure is similar to the Treasure Seeker series, so I was familiar with the fanned-item search configuration.

Enjoyed the story, and the idea of humanity's creation being our own demise, in this case AI gone wrong. The graphics for this game were pretty good, and crisp. Liked that you were able to interact with the characters, and maintain a small dialogue. There was some back tracking, but luckily it would switch to a different chapter. There weren't that many puzzles in this game, which was kinda disappointing, the interactive sections kept me interested long enough to finish the game.

Solid HOPA - worth trying the demo.

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User review by aitchie


I got a bit bored of this one. I find the sort of HOG games where it opens up a ring of 4 or 5 things you have to find distracting and takes away from the storyline so I really didn't get into this game. Half the time the things you were finding weren't even related or useful things so it felt like it had no purpose.

Reasonably well drawn and had a mystery feel. I'd maybe grant it 3.5 stars rather than just 3 but not worth 4.

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User review by sherryah


beautiful graphics, interesting storyline, I like the find object to put in the ring but it interrupts the storyline when there are too many. The game has voice but not enough in my opinion would have liked to hear more. The game appears to be a long one at least for me because I do not rush through the games.

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User review by krystal850


This just is not my kind of game and I really struggled to stay interested. I lost that struggle and did not finish. It seemed to be an endless search for objects. The cusor would show you something of interest and when you clicked there, a fan of cirlcles appears that contain numerous objects to locate. Over and over and over. sigh. The opening showed such promise and the art work so beautifully done that I really wanted to like it.. thinkng it would get more interesting as the story moved along. But alas it was not to be.This is a really good game if you like straight search and finds as there is a lot of that.. with a little adventure style thrown in. Maybe one day I'll come back and give it another try. But for now I will look for something with a bit more action.

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User review by magfan


The story of Depths of Betrayal is like something out of a '50's sci-fi horror movie. You start out receiving a message from your "friend" and associate Morgan, saying that he needs your help. So you set off to help him accompanied by your fiancee, only to have your train derailed and thrown off a bridge by a big robot. Once you and your fiancee manage to find your way out of the wreck and back to civilization, you're knocked upside the head and you never see your fiancee for the rest of the game. It's up to you to keep the evil robot from taking over the world. You do this by finding objects and solving puzzles. There aren't any hidden object scenes, only pictures of objects that pop up in a fanlike arrangement, similar to what you see in the Treasure Hunters or Crystal Portal games. Often at least one of the objects is in another scene, or is something you have to put together out of something from another scene. For example, finding an insignia to put on a helmet before the helmet is "complete" enough to put on the fan interface. There are also objects you just pick up out of the environment and place in your inventory without having to deal with the fan. Music was OK except they overdid the "threatening robot music." There was occasional voice acting but mostly subtitles. Occasionally the game has humorous solutions or comments. The Hint tells you which direction to go if there's nothing to do at your current location.

Depths of Betrayal took me 3hr 45min for the main game and 49min for the bonus. In the bonus game you're chasing after the evil person who looked like he caught fire and exploded at the end of the main game. I wouldn't recommend the CE unless you really like the steampunk gameworld and want to spend more time there. I enjoyed the game quite a bit and would rate the SE 4.4 stars, the CE not so much.

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User review by Miranda22


Really enjoying playing this one (bought the SE after good demo experience) and always like Alawar's use of the "key object" circles for you to locate the few objects required to get an inventory item. This is not a HOG per se, more adventure, as you track a robotic monster on the rampage. This game was exactly the right level of difficulty for me, which meant I could enjoy playing it and not stress out that I would lose my bearings or be stuck as to my next move. Neither one a problem in this game. A few more gizmos to repair along the way than I prefer, and not much in the way of creative puzzles, but overall I am getting my money's worth without reaching for a WT. Decent hint system all that was needed using arrows in the direction you need to go or highlighting the item to use. Plot no more ridiculous than most and game overall fun to play. Worth a try.

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User review by gobaba


This is an attractive iHOG with a tired theme, repetitive gameplay, repetitive music, and excessively chatty silent dialogue/comments. The graphics are crisp, the scenery is well-illustrated and numerous, there's lots of back-tracking, and the few voice-overs are good. It's HO scenes consist of fanning circles for which you must find random objects, one of which is always missing. These are found in yet another scene. I'd say the game leans heavily on this premise, less on adventure/puzzles.

A scientist has created a robot gone awry, and you're off to find out why and straighten it out. The robot in question manages to be as destructive as RoboCop without the impressive artillery. There are two modes of play, hints refill decently in expert and point you in the way to go, HO are usually easy to find. Puzzles are easy, and adventure challenge is just so-so.

There's no real variety in gameplay, just fanning circles with missing object, go find it in another scene, lather, rinse, repeat. There's an eyeball cursor that occasionally leads you to something useful, but has the annoying habit of commenting on every odd item in the scene, sort of like when you're on a trip with a passenger who insists on reading every billboard aloud. You find characters with whom you have dialogue that's sometimes useful, sometimes weakly funny, sometimes rubbish. You find notes and letters along the way in the same vein.

The main game lasts under 4 hours, but I sped through it to get it over with. The bonus game carries the story further and lasts 30 minutes. Both have a satisfactory conclusion. Also in the CE are the SG, wallpapers, and concept art. The SE is quite enough, but really I say "Danger, Will Robinson! There are better games to spend your money on." 3.4 stars

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